VS Economy meal(s) for JFK有HR daytime flight

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VS Economy meal(s) for JFK有HR daytime flight

I'm thinking of taking the 08:10 flight from JFK to LHR in March and wanted to know what to expect for meal service on that flight.

Should I bring a sandwich or bagel with me in case the 2nd "meal" is just a mere snack? Not sure if it matters but am considering an Economy Delight seat. Should I buy a liter of water at JFK before the flight or is VS generous with handing out bottled water?

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I've done VS26 a handful of times. Basically, the meals are the same as any other US east coast to LHR flight, but with the meals reversed - so a small breakfast snack (I think it was granola and yogurt the last time I did it) after takeoff, then a regular dinner service about an hour and a half or so before landing. I don't find the dinner enormously filling, and I'm usually fairly hungry by then anyway, having gotten up around 4:45 am to head to JFK, so I always figure it can't hurt to grab a sandwich or similar at JFK prior to boarding.

With regards to water, the crew came through a few times with water, and they'll always give you some if you go back to the galley and ask - but if you're worried, no harm in bringing your own bottle so you're hydrated to your liking.

Oh, and no difference in service for the Economy Delight seat - just slightly more legroom.
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Definitely agree with the above about the food. The wife and I split a wrap we had brought along with us to supplement the food on offer which was a good thing. The fight attendants are there and I had no complaints about the service. However, somehow the crew and the food on our return on Delta struck me as much more 'forthcoming' and welcoming is the best way I can describe it.
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