Current Premium Economy service standards

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Current Premium Economy service standards

Will be taking a LGW service in PE this summer, 747.

1. Is it possible to pre-order my choice of main course?

2. (If not) on the 747 UD do they start at Row 20 and work back, or start at Row 24 and work forward?

3. What does 1/2 TUS mean on this meal service info sheet?

4. Does PE get a choice of Red Wines, or is it simply one option?

Let's see how VS now compare to BA, albeit I didn't do the status match last year
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I have never heard of anyone pre-ordering main courses in PE, but that doesn't mean it isn't possible. You can pre-order specialist dietary meals -

Before take off, or just after, menus are given out. There is usually a variation on the beef / chicken / veggie options- you could mention then if you want a particular dish.

I believe they just serve from the front, but stand to be corrected on that, as I don't really pay attention.

I don't drink wine, but they always seem to have plenty of options.

I am have no idea what TUS means. either I am afraid.

For the past few years I have found PE food okay, but not spectacular- it is nice to have proper cutlery andy glasses but, as with a lot of things with VS these days, there is an element of style over substance. A lot of money spent on packaging (despite their claimed geeen credentials) and not to much on the actual food; but that is more in economy.

I haven't flown BA for years, so can't compare their offerings.

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1. No - it's subject to availability on the day, however as Nick pointed out, if you make a friendly request when the menus are handed out you may find the crew member will hold back a particular choice for you. Not that I've ever tried this.

2. I've sat in PE upstairs once and, like Nick don't recall paying particular attention to the service but I'm pretty sure they start at the front and work backward.

3. No idea! What does HHH mean?!

4. I've got a feeling there might be a choice of two reds and two whites, but again I'm not 100% since it's been a couple of years since I flew PE.

VS PE is a pretty decent hard product with comfortable, spacious seats. Leg room is standard for PE and nice to have a little extra over Economy. I'm sure you'll have a great trip!
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VS does not do pre-order of meals in any cabin (other than special meals)

IIRC VS wine selection is

Y - red or white
PE - choice from 2 of each
UC - choice from 3 of each.
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Thanks all. Useful info.
An opportunity has come up to compare v the BA WT+ product; I'm sure some things will be better and others not.
But food is something I can do something about in the LGW N terminal if I'm possibly looking at a PE weak point there.
Given GGL doesn't guarantee me first dibs in BA F anymore I'm unnaturally reticent on food options, even though I am rarely fussy unless it comes to egg!

VS transatlantic in Y, ex-LHR, I've always got my first choice.
BA (and AA) do have pre-order ex-LHR in F & J & W, and for extra in Y.
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There is only 1 choice of wine in PE. Red (currently Shiraz) or white (currently Sauvignon blanc) served in individual sized bottles.

HHH refers (I think!) to "hot hand held" which is currently a hot cheese and tomato or steak pasty served midway through the flight.

No idea what TSU stands for but I'm guessing it's something along the lines of tray served unit?
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TSU - Tray set up (ie a tray with crockery, cutlery, food already on it)
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