Clubhouse Tipping?

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Clubhouse Tipping?

I was in the Clubhouse at SFO last week - was shocked that no one at the tables around me tipped anything, even after having been served food and drink at their tables.

Going to be at Clubhouse at LHR in a few days - what is the customary tipping protocol?
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There is less of a tipping culture in the UK than there is in the US for starters.

Unless your server has provided you with very good service then it is not expected.

Some people tip the person at the spa if they have had a treatment or a haircut - most people in my experience tip 5 or 10 - depending on the service provided.
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In the UK I only tip the man who does the shoe shines. Usually 10.
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as an american the whole tipping culture is ingrained--i have a hard time NOT tipping the taxi in the UK--but something about lounge services is completely different to me. i'm paying thousands on thousands of dollars for a flight and part of that money is for the service on the ground. tipping just doesnt translate to me for that.
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Many private clubs (even in the USA) forbid tipping and either impose an automatic service charge or give staff a special holiday bonus (sometimes collected by member donations). Ideally an airline lounge is close to a private club (and historically this is how they started as invitation only rooms offered by airlines to important customers they knew), so to me it seems strange to tip even when this clearly is the custom for bartenders in USA lounges.
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It has never even occurred to me to tip in an airline lounge, and certainly not in the UK. The whole point is that you've paid your way and you don't have to faff around with cards or cash (which you may have little of in any case, if you're away from home).

Don't misunderstand me, I normally tip in all the typical situations in the UK, and I am "happy" to follow local customs when in the US, for example. I just don't think it is somehow normal to do this in a lounge unless you've received service that is completely exceptional.
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I have never tipped anyone on any airline no matter what class I have flown in. The BA First lounge at jfk is great, but Brits do not expect to tip, anyone.
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Never crossed my mind to tip in an airline lounge, in any country.

Not even the shoeshine man in the Clubhouse.

And I can not recall seeing anyone else do so either.
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I always tip for shoe shine & haircut and the staff do seem very grateful for it. I don't think it is the norm.

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Originally Posted by Nottingham Nick View Post
I always tip for shoe shine & haircut and the staff do seem very grateful for it. I don't think it is the norm.

Given most of the staff in there are on around 13-17k a year (from looking at job postings on vs web site) I would think they are probably very grateful for any tips.
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I always tip my haircutter at the clubhouse 20 and the shoeshine guy 10.
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I tip around $10 whenever I'm at the clubhouse for a few hours and receive excellent service. Every so often (very often, actually) I'll have a server who is absolutely amazing -- fast, fun, and understands that they don't need to ask if I want another drink. It makes for a perfect pre-flight afternoon, and I feel like the least I should do is to leave a small tip as a token of my appreciation. They're always extremely grateful, too.
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Originally Posted by MaximusDecimusMeridius View Post
Never crossed my mind to tip in an airline lounge, in any country.

Not even the shoeshine man in the Clubhouse.

And I can not recall seeing anyone else do so either.
I was in the T3 LHR one and the JFK one and was looking to see any jars or similar and on the basis there were none I never tipped anyone.

Had 2 haircuts as well

Must say what a fantastic pair of lounges though were, comparable with the gold BA one I normally go through, and particularly liked that I could pay 30 and get a child in and $45 at JFK with no quibble, BA really ought to learn on this point.
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I don't usually tip at LHR or LGW, unless i have a shoe shine.
I always give or leave a tip in the Johannesburg lounge.
Just seems right to do so.......
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10 tip for a shoe shine... I'm sure they are grateful. Seems a lot to me.

if that's the expected norm and he gets an average of 3 of those an hour for an 8 hour shift thats an extra 240 a shift , 1200 a week, approx 60k a year in tips - presumably untaxed! This is on top of a basic salary above minimum wage.
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