Upper Class VS1 - Upstairs v Downstairs

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Upper Class VS1 - Upstairs v Downstairs

I'm flying UC to EWR on the 747, have never flown UC on this aircraft before sod was just wondering what people's experience of the difference between upper and lower deck are with the UC product?

Is the service better upstairs as there's a lot less seats? Are there any space issues upstairs? Stuff like that.

Thanks in advance.
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I just flew SFO-LHR on a 747 and took the upper deck section of UC. I flew upper deck once before with my wife and this was now a conformation that I will NEVER FLY UP THERE AGAIN!

The novelty of getting to go up the stairs wears off quickly. My aircraft was a ver.4 configuration (5 Rows of UC and Economy). There was only one girl for 10 UC passengers and the service seemed very slow.

The upper deck is very cramped and the over head bins are tight. Access to the closets was difficult due to the six bulkhead seats of Economy that loaded them with all of their things.

My ultimate recommendation is to fly the 340 and get seat 8G.
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I'd stick to the lower deck as you have easy access to the bar, and its easier to get on and off. I once sat upstairs and my preference would definitely be for the lower deck.
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Definitely lower deck.

I split my flights about 50/50 between BA and VS. If you are on a BA 747 then you always go for the Upper Deck, no question. Better service, more storage space, etc.

But on VS you typically get the UD split between Economy and Upper Class, which completely ruins the experience--cramped cabin, little privacy, economy using your bathrooms, and you exit after economy. And the extra storage space isn't there either because of the herringbone seats. I've seen seatmaps for all Upper Class on the UD, but never actually flown one like that.

Plus, one huge benefit of VS's 747s is that the nose of the a/c is Upper Class. Whereas on BA it's First, and has seats stuffed in the middle and on the side, with VS it's business and the middle section is empty. That's my favourite place on the lower deck to sit. I personally prefer rows 18 and 19, because there is literally about 10 feet of space between you and the seats on the other side.
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All extremely insightful as always!

I had chosen a seat already just incase seats got taken quickly and I had gone for 15A as I liked the idea of being in the nose and all that space in the middle. Looks like a good choice from what you guys have said, thanks!
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On the 747 a seat in the nose is -- by a country mile -- the place to be. The zone behind the nose is OK but not great. Upstairs has all the disadvantages outlined already.
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Beds are a little longer on the 747 UD however, so if you are tall or sleep on your front, you may find you have a better nights sleep upstairs as you can stretch out a little more.
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Cheers guys. I was going to pick the front seats but seems those are very close together and facing more than others, so gone for a seat 3 rows back.

As it's a day flight I'm not bothered about the bed.

Looking forward to it, never sat quite so far forwards before, usually first that far forward!
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