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jeffers Oct 3, 12 9:49 am

150% Bonus Miles Offer Question
I have a flight booked outbound 19-Feb return 28-Mar next year, and can't seem to find a definitive answer on whether you have to complete a return in order to be eligible for this 150% bonus (and extra TPs offer).

I know it states breakdowns of points "per one way flight" but the way the graphic is presented it kinda makes it look like you have to return before 28-Feb.

Does anyone know if I'll get the bonus on just the first flight?

preiffer Oct 3, 12 11:05 am

No, you don't need a return - each one way earns on its own. I earned my first "bonus" the day I landed from an inbound leg. Since then, each eligible leg included the bonus up to a maximum of 4.

jeffers Oct 3, 12 12:45 pm


Maybe I'll have a random trip somewhere before Xmas to make my Feb mileage even more :D

Which is exactly why they've come up with this offer...

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