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Hav2fly Jul 18, 12 5:12 pm

Best way of ensuring FA's excellent service is communicated to management
On a recent UC flight one particular flight attendant really went the extra mile for my family and I and really made a huge difference to our trip.

Everyone is very quick to complain and having flown a string of BA Club World recently with very poor service I really appreciated the attitude and service of this particular flight attendant.

I see no need to go into detail but on a general level she was first class and far better than normal but on a couple of occasions she went more than the extra mile.

We obviously thanked her profusely but have decided more needs to be done. Therefore how do I ensure that our thanks and feedback reach the right ears. Old fashioned letter, email and in either case addressed to whom?

Particularly interested to hear from someone within Virgin Atlantic who might know what would work best within Virgin rather than just generally (If our positive feedback would be passed on to her even better)

UKtravelbear Jul 19, 12 3:37 am

Just use the normal customer serviced feedback form / email on the website.

Give as much info as you can including flight number, date, your seat numbers and the name(s) of the crew.

It helps to say why you though why the crew member excelled in their performance rather than just general comments.

Feedback of this sort does get back to the crew members (assuming they can be specifically identified).

clarkeysntfc Jul 19, 12 10:04 am

Best thing (if at all possible) is an old school postal letter marked private & confidential to the Virgin HQ in Crawley.

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