Priority check-in for VS Silver at BMI LHR T1?

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Priority check-in for VS Silver at BMI LHR T1?

I have just posted the comment below on the BMI site, but would be grateful for anyone's input on this matter:

My mother, who is over 70 and not in the greatest of health, makes regular BHD-LHR flights to visit our family. However, the one thing that really prevents her doing it more often are the horrific queues at LHR T1. She is unable to queue for long periods of time, and it really is too much for her most of the time.

I know that if she were to speak to the line supervisor they would often usher people like her to the business class check-in, but she is really too proud to ask for special dispensation, and cannot afford the business class fares.

I am VS Gold and can get a supplementary silver card (I know, it is technically for someone living at my address, but I challenge them to catch me...), and wondered if this would entitle her to use the business check-in. I recognise there is no formal link between the 2 airlines FF programmes, but wondered if anyone had experience of this.


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Sadly the VS Silver card only has any real benefits when flying Virgin. She'll be able to collect points, but won't be able to line jump (even a VS Gold can't line jump a BMI queue - unless anyone has had a different experience, in which case I'd be interested to hear how

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No can do. I did ask but it is for Star Alliance Silver and Gold status holders only

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