IAD LHR IAD First Timer in UC

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IAD LHR IAD First Timer in UC

We are flying upper class in November IAD LHR IAD on a 747-400... any thoughts on best seats? service? what should we expect? i know the suites are not on board - but how are the current seats? Last time I flew Virgin it was on a 340 with the old old upper class seats.

appreciate any help and guidance from the pros!
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I'm no pro, but I was disappointed in the current UC seat. It's okay for when you're awake and lousy for sleeping in. You have only one binary control -- you're either going upright or mostly flat. However, mostly flat is not flat, and you're angling down significantly. Many FTers have reported sliding downward in their sleep (or attempts to sleep).

The suites look like a huge improvement. Until then, I would much prefer an international business class seat on United, with its multiple controls, over VS's current UC seat.
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I like the current LHR Upper class seats ( J2000).I find the best position is to fully recline it then raise it slightly. There is also the lumbar suport .You also get a large pillow and a duvet ( no ordinary bankets here!!)
There is a seat guide on the


I like the Upper Deck seats ( row 2-3-4) although row 2 is the bulkhed seat so you may feel slightly less room.
One advantage of the Upper deck is that the window seats haveside storage containers.

Do not miss;
The IAD Clubhouse ( Gate B32-you can have a meal before boarding)
Take a Sleeep suit when offered ( and take it away with you)
You can eat when you want what you want on board.
Visit the bar on the main deck if you would like.
You will be asked if you want to be wakened 90mins before landing for breakfast
If you have time at LHR visit the Revivals lounge for a shower, clothes press, vtouch treatment and breakfast ( internt access also)
On the way back from LHR-IAD check in ealry so you get the full benefit of the clubhouse by gate 12D ( after shopping).There is a full bar, large continental breakfast buffet with hot food, music room ,shoeshine, vtouch salon ( book a treatment as soon as you arrive).
Above all;
Enjoy !!

Any more questions, fee free to post them or email me.



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Some people are disappointed with the current Upper Suite as TBS quite rightly pointed out is the J2000 suite.

I actually like the seat, and its not significantly angled down, I've never had any problems with sliding down the seat. Yes its not flat, but its not at 45 degrees either.

Yes the new J suite will be much better, but at a cost of 50m one would hope so.

IAD is not too bad, the Clubhouse can be a bit touch and go with regards to Service but then its better than msot of the shared lounges that VS utilises on some routes. There is a very helpful concierge there if you encounter any problems.

The 'Revivals' lounge is a must, the showers are fabulous, great breakfast, lovely helpful and charming staff and some great v.touch treatment. The 'Sensational Shave' comes with a highly recommended award by TBS (Yes I did see your comments Gregory!)

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Unlike Richard, I tend to find it fairly difficult to sleep on the J2000 seats in the fully flat position: I am only 5'4" and tend to slide down into the footwell.

I solve this by very slightly "cradling" the seat (i.e. not having it completely flat): it means that I don't slide and sleep much better.

So, you might like to try it flat - you might be like Richard and sleep just fine. If you don't find it ok, trying cradling it a little.

Personally, I prefer the UC seats in the nose of the plane: lots of space (but try to keep away from the massage station - which can have a bit of activity). I always try to keep away from the bar as well - can get noisy (and I like to sleep lots).

You should have great flights: Virgin UC is comfortable and the staf are normally very helpful and friendly.

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