Waitlisted/standby: What are my chances?

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Waitlisted/standby: What are my chances?


I'm close to completing my first trip on Virgin and have a question for those more seasoned than I am:

I'm currently booked on VS19, LHR/SFO for 23-July. The flight is showing J7/W0/Y0. I have a W (full fare) PE ticket and am currently waitlisted for the flight (I'm confirmed on the flight the next day).

On my outbound flight from SFO (where I was confirmed but not waitlisted), I received a free upgrade to upper class as did many other people.

What I'm wondering is: Realistically, what are my odds of making it onto the waitlisted flight? By the same logic that got me from SFO to LHR, they'd start giving out upgrades as needed... I am assuming that Y and W are slightly oversold too. Are there any tips/tricks that I can try to increase my chances of success? For what its worth, the next day's flight (the one I'm confirmed on) is also showing J7/W0/Y0.

The one other thing I can think of, assuming they don't let me on, is to ask about paying to upgrade to Upper Class. I'm told that you can do this (seats available) at the last minute for a reasonable fee - any ideas on what this fee might me?

...At the end of the day, I just want to get home to my fiancee, rather than be stuck in London by myself for an extra 24 hours...

Thanks for any and all advice on the matter!
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You don't mention whether you're a member of Virgin's flying club, which would increase your chances of getting the upgrade.

Difficult to say whether you'll get on, given you're on a Standby for the flight. Your full fare ticket is a big help, and the fact there appears to be room in Upper for Virgin to shift people into also helps; but if there are Gold card holders ahead of you in the queue then you may need to wait until the next day for your original flight.

My advice would be to get to the airport early and be a charming as you can to the check in staff. If they are doing operational (free) upgrades, they'll know well in advance of the flight opening.

You can, of course, pay for an upgrade to Upper if there's availability (and there appears to be). It will probably be anywhere between 200 - 600 depending on what value is shown on your original ticket. If you don't want to hang around and save yourself some hotel bills, that might be worth it too.

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