Star Alliance and Virgin??

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Star Alliance and Virgin??

Is it me or am I the only one begging VS to join the Alliance???

Almost all of VS Partners are either in the Alliance or so closely connected to it, that they may as well be in, amd now with talk's between BMI and Virgin, my hopes just may come to fruition!!!

SQ a king pin of the Alliance already owns a huge 49% stake in VS and im hoping that Branson will cough up the cash to join.

He seems to have saved enough over the last couple of years with all the service cuts we've been subjected to, thats was when premium felt like a "premium" service rather than a slap in the face... and where have all the little Virgin touches gone to???

The little Virgin Heaven in the sky....
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Do a search, you will find we discussed this before.

United a big part of the *Alliance too, and they compete with VS on a number of routes.

I don't really have a huge problem with them not been in an Alliance - stops huges queues at Upper Class check-in and busy Clubhouses.

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I don't really think we need the word "beg".

Cause current situation seems perfect for Virgin to join. Virgin needs bmi's short-haul route, SIA owns Virgin nearly 50%...etc

If Virgin is not interested joining Star because of UA competition, than see AA/BA's.
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EU is really making a push to approach the US on EU-US talks... THEY may never go anywhere, but the likelyhood it's got a better chance of breaking the LHR stalemate and causing a REAL disruption in how the US carriers and EU carriers view their routes.

Under different rules there may be a GOOD place for UA, VS and BD flying as partners from the UK to North America. Just as there would be justification for BA, AA (which combined STILL have more transatlantic crossings than what UA/VS/BD propose)
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<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">Originally posted by RichardMannion:
I don't really have a huge problem with them not been in an Alliance - stops huges queues at Upper Class check-in and busy Clubhouses.
Well if VS does join Star, I'm sure with the precedent and backing of SQ (49% stakeholder in VS and Star Alliance partner) an arrangement could be reached to designate the Clubhouses NON-Star Gold - thereby keeping out the masses. After all, SQ has the same access restrictions on the Silver Kris lounge at SIN.
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