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Message from your hosts:

Thank you to everyone who participated! We really had a great time and hope you did too. We made a Facebook page where you can post photos, share stories, and whatnot at http://www.facebook.com/VXFarewell. We understand there's a level of anonymity at FlyerTalk, so we understand if you don't want to join or acknowledge who you are. As your cohosts, we even face that risk by revealing the "veil" from behind our screen names since we have to work with the parties and vendors involved.

Overall, we had a great success. Between the swag, flash mob, inseat dance video, and lounge we hope we could give the Virgin America brand the proper send off it deserved.

It was a highly emotional day, and overall things went well. We also wanted to thank everyone for your contributions for the Virgin America swag! Without you, none of this would be possible.

Now, we did get confirmation from Alaska that the CHATROOM messages are not archived, and are long gone. It was quite amusing, however we *did hear you loud and clear* - you want more. We are talking about doing another event in the fall, and coordinating it with Alaska; we will keep you updated here and at the Facebook VXFarewell & Facebook MVP Gold 75K group. We're hoping to talk to Alaska to make an SFO/SEA trip a combination of AvGeekFest meets Alaska MVP Gold luncheon, since the focus is on us frequent flyers. This would include a possible visit to the Boeing plant (floor tour), Museum of Flight, and some other aspects of the PacNW. By then, hopefully emotions will have subsided and we can coordinate some meaningful dialogue with the decision makers at Alaska about what we like, don't like, etc.

and special shout out to Ben, Sam, Mikey, and our Virgin angels who help made this possible.

Thank you for living it up one last time in the sky with us!

-Brendan, Carolyn, Nate

#VXFarewell #VXForever #tillthewheelsfalloff

Schedule of Events

8:00PM - FlyerTalk #VXFarewell checkin table will be open. Please stop by to claim your FlyerTalk ID name tag, swag, lyrics sheet, sign up for the midnight toast in the LAX Lounge, and sign the #FinalBoardingCall certificates. Please show your VX1948 boarding pass for your swag kit. Swag kit will consist of a 16 ounce tumbler, #vxforever stickers/buttons/laptop sticker, specialty bag tag, FlyerTalk bag tag, destination poster, and safety card. We have enough for everyone on the plane, our VX crew working the flight, and the gate agents & ramp working our flight in SFO and LAX. There may be leftover pieces that will first be given to our sponsors/donors, and we'll have plenty of tumblers, stickers, pins, and posters for VX Team members.

8:30PM - our inbound flight from DC should be arriving right about now. We're expecting a sizeable turnout of VX team members (current and past). There will be other activities going on between our flight and the EWR flight.

9:00PM - #VXFarewell table will start to be torn down (as we're all on the flight)

9:20PM - please make sure that you are on board, not everyone can be the "last to board". We're working on having someone video tape the final boarding call and upload it.

9:32PM - Pushback to LAX, gonna live it up one last time!

VX Safety Dance: Please remain seated and adhere to crew instructions! We'd like as many of you to participate in this as possible, and will share videos/photos. Tutorial here: https://youtu.be/QDsxTKO9Bzg

11:01PM - with luck, we pull into T6 at LAX and *not* a remote stand. We're expecting a greeting committee of VX'ers and #avgeeks in LAX.

11:20PM - we say goodbye to our friends going to PDX/ANC/SEA on Alaska and the redeyes to ATL/MIA. Rest of us need to move into the Alaska Lounge (use BOTH elevators - AL Direct and the AC Maple Leave Lounge elevator). Should you NOT be an Alaska Lounge or American Admirals Club Member, Alaska Airlines has graciously covered your entrance by showing your VX 1948 boarding pass.

12:00AM - We toast farewell to one of the most innovative airlines as the Sabresonic system & VX code is sunset.

12:15AM - Move from the Lounge to In & Out on the north side of the airport.

The Flight
Virgin America will "cease to exist" as a branded airline on April 25, 2018. Alaska is quite focused on the PSS integration, so we've heard mumbles that Alaska is more concerned with that aspect and not the "goodbye" fiesta. Alaska has made the 9:35PM LA-SF flight a private, "founders" flight for Virgin staff & special invite, but nothing was ever announced for the public. So, we found that VX 1948, the 9:32PM SFO-LAX flight, will officially be the final revenue departure for Virgin America- It has been upgauged to an A321 from an A320 and will be the last VX flight to depart on the 24th, earning the monicker as the "Final Flight" available to the public. VX1948 is SOLD OUT.

AS/VX has indicated that they plan to make special gate announcements and give all passengers "a special treat" during the flight. Alaska will also take the lead with working with us on a midnight champagne toast to Virgin America in the LAX Alaska Lounge conference room. 4/18 UPDATE: Alaska Airlines has graciously offered to cover the entry fee for any FlyerTalk member who shows their VX1948 boarding pass to the lounge reception team. No guest passes or Priority Pass memberships will be necessary.

Alaska has also planned celebratory events for VX team members at LAX & SFO. Our celebration is not meant to overshadow or replace that. As customers, we are celebrating 11 years of innovation and a bright future for Alaska. However, you should expect to see quite a few VX team members greeting our flight when it arrives!

We have made some #vxforever and #vxfarewell items which will be distributed in the boarding area prior to departure. Alaska is going to have their own handouts, but are also allowing us as frequent flyers to hand out our own so if anyone wants to donate to the pot, we can make sure everyone ends up with some cool mementos to remember the flight by. Right now we are going to have buttons, bag tags (both FlyerTalk & VXFarewell), 16 ounce plastic cups, posters and stickers at our FlyerTalk Farewell Table in the gate area for VX 1948. The table will have the swag, name tag pick-up, and registration for the Alaska Lounge Toast (they still want a headcount). Those who contribute more than $25 to help socalgecko & UAPremierExec offset the costs will be rewarded with any remaining extra items after they have been distributed to people on our flight. (note: we've received a bit more contributions and ordered 200 more cups and will run more posters, but supplies will be limited, so please make sure you stop by our table to check-in and receive your swag). Please be prepared to show your VX 1948 boarding pass, as we will only have enough swag for those on the flight and for the VX/AS staff working it.

Donations can be made via PayPal or sent to @socalgecko on Venmo.

Memorabilia & Autopilot Kit Exchange

We will have a table in the gate area with the FlyerTalk logo & #VXFarewell to distribute and trade Virgin America swag and memorabilia. Table will need to be torn down at boarding since those working the table are also on the flight.

Users and Seats - 81 confirmed FTers and guests

First Class:
Carfield 1A
CalanMan +1
(FT Lurker +1)

Main Cabin Select:

m_j_n + 1: 3D
socalgecko +1: 3F, tbd
The ITDA +1: 4A & 4B
TheMiddleSeat: 4C
FluxTZ: 4D
PhoenixWildman: 4E
MiniC: 4F

Main Cabin:

mfolf: 6A
DaWhirledTraveller: 6E, 23E
Jaloola: 6F
jrl767: 7A
Zorak: 7B
beckoa: 7D
ktenorman: 7F
UAPremierExec + Guest: 8A & 8C, 9B, 18C
Voldoo: 8B
Robt760: 9D
Texas2SFO: 10D
Flyupfrnt: 10F
zc0302 + 1: row 10
diburning: 11A
isaac.chambers +1: 11E & 11F
bennos: 12C
williaminsd +1: 12D,E
GTBundy: 14A
mooseofspruce: 15A
Lglr2: 15B
justkeepflying: 15D
jeromekeh: 15F
forthwall: 16B
steve64: 16C
be_rettSEA: 16D
vji: 16E
boxo 16F
eap: 17A
krazykanuck: 17C
PDXPremier: 17D
motoridersd: 17E
eddiehuang97 17F
JamilD +1: 18D & 18E
diburning: 18F
Carp12C: 19A
McGowan06- 21F
media travel show producer/journalist: 22A
Well known aviation photographer: 23A
VGC: 23B
farwest714: 23C
jetsflier: 23D
N777UA: 25A
wanderlutz: 25B
yectep: 26B
Jeremys1: 26F
aw: 28A
brettsir: 28D
sky303: 29A
opiuman: 29D
OhHai: 33A
paradox +1: 33B & 33C

Unaccounted/Unassigned seats (or they want to remain anonymous, which is OK):

Dr Alex
NachoAirline +1

After Flight Get Together at LAX
Alaska is taking the lead on the lounge effort and has said they will keep the lounge open until 12:15a since we are scheduled to land at 10:59PM. Alaska Airlines has graciously offered to cover the entry fee for any FlyerTalk member who shows their VX1948 boarding pass to the lounge reception team. No guest passes or Priority Pass memberships will be necessary. This is probably the ideal time/place for those of you who want to trade Autopilots kits to do so, if you didn't in SFO.

Plan is to have a midnight toast farewell to Virgin America as the brand sunsets at midnight.

Afterwards, some of us shall head to In & Out and the park across the street for continued socializing.


The following hotels & rates are available as of 12 April, if interested in booking, please MESSAGE your name & phone number to UAPREMIEREXEC and we can book you (no commission, no service charge). Rates are 100% non-refundable or changeable, unfortunately. DO NOT email a credit card, we will call you.

Best Western Airport Plaza - $91 + tax
Motel 6 LAX: $100 + tax
Four Points Sheraton LAX: $121 + tax
Holiday Inn LAX: $136 + tax
Crowne Plaza LAX: $144 + tax
Westin LAX: $188 + tax

Available via hiltonfamilymvp.com: (must be a HHonors member)
Hilton LAX: $171 + tax
Embassy Suites LAX: $188 + tax

Meet Up and/or Lounge Access
Handle: Inbound: ----------------------- Outbound: -------------------- Lounge Access:
beckoa AS3419 5:56 PM MSP-SFO AS193 11:55 PM LAX-ANC SFO AMEX CL+PP [Can Guest 2]
UAPremierExec VX1899 12:41PM (I think) Outbound SNA 10AM to SEA on the 25th. AL Member. 2 Free guests spoken for.
Zorak local / 25 Apr 16:55 LAX-SFO WN1251 / PP
krazykanuck AA349 3:00 pm DFW-SFO / AA136 LAX-LHR 19:40 / Amex CL + PP
socalgecko VX1899 12:41p / local / PP
flyupfront VX1754 5:59 pm / AS403 6am to SEA on 4/25 (PP & 75k Passes)
jrl767 VX1929 or 1933 (LAX; arrive 1541 or 1643) / staying in LA for work the rest of the week / request guest access @SFO
CalanMan SFO local / LAX-SFO on AS Airbus 4/25 morning / AA Club Member, AmEx Plat, PP
boxo AS 1899 LAX SFO dep 11:20-12:41. Need guest access into lounges.
vji VX1941 / PP
Jaloola Local / WN 1791 / PP
brettsir VX1933/ local / AA/AMEX/PP
Robt760 VX1816/local /AMEX, PP
be_rettSEA VX1933 / AMEX,PP
VGC AS477 LAX-SEA. Need guest access into lounge.
paradox Local / UA 471 LAX-SFO 6:06 am / AMEX CL & PP
diburning DL2488 BOS-SFO 10:55AM / UA1981 LAX-IAH-BOS 11:00AM / Requesting Access at lounges
tusphotog Inbound not set, AS BR & 75K Passes
Carfield Inbound on VX 1255 IND-SFO 1828 Arrival/Local/ AA Admiral Club membership (I am already bringing in one guest, but can take one more).
steve64 Inbound: AS 400 from PDX 3:35p / Outbound the next day on DL to PHX / Lounge: PP & AA (if still needed after "guesting" has been used up, you might be able to talk me into throwing in 2 AS [75K] lounge passes)
sky303 SEA-SFO DL4142 / LAX-ATL (12:45a) DL1556 / AMEX, PP
aw - local / outbound next day UA 460 LAX-SFO @ 1627 / *A Gold w/TK - can host one guest flying any *A in the afternoon to *A Gold Lounge @ TBIT or/and possibly AC Maple Leaf T6 and UA Club T7.

PreFlight Get Together

See the FlyerTalk Community meet up thread here:


Festivities should start around 8PM in the gate area @ SFO Terminal 2.


socalgecko and UAPremierExec fronted a big chunk of cash for these items; we've had many donations come in but both of us are still "in the hole." We love VX and are happy to do it, but any contributions are appreciated. Donations can be made via PayPal or sent to @socalgecko on Venmo.

Buttons & Stickers (socalgecko):
#VXforever Button 425

1 per passenger, 1 per crew member on VX 1948 & those working the gate. Will also have some available to VX Team members who show ID. (extras to be given to those who donate towards swag)

#VXforever sticker 500
1 per passenger/crew member on VX 1948/those working the gate/VX crew who show socalgecko their badge

#VXfarewell Safety Dance buttons, 225
1 randomly selected from 4 designs per passenger/crew on VX1948/those working the gate

Bag Tags (UAPremierExec): 250 tags
1 per passenger, 1 per crew member on VX1948 & those working the gate; extras to be given to those who donate towards swag.

16 oz Tumblers (UAPremierExec + Donations from you guys): 450 cups

1 per passenger, 1 per crew member on VX 1948 & those working the gate. Will also have some available to VX Team members who show ID (SFO/LAX)

VX Route History Poster (socalgecko)
Will be provided to all attendees, with extras for VX Team members.

Donor Extra (socalgecko/w!lkidu)
Numbered 5x7 print of illustration commemorating the union of AS & VX, given to everyone who donates by 4/23 to support the production cost of the swag
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VX Farewell Flight 1948 - 24 April

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Was looking at FlightRadar24, and AS1948 is not listed for tonight, only VX1948. AS1948 was operating for this flight last night and previously and looks like most VX flights show up under the AS number with the VX flight number as a codeshare. Except VX1948 tonight.
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Very excited to be on this flight tonight. My family thinks that I知 crazy but I wouldn稚 miss this for the world. Long time lurker here but just had to post that I知 honored and excited to join you all tonight. 15B.
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Originally Posted by Lgljr2
Very excited to be on this flight tonight. My family thinks that I知 crazy but I wouldn稚 miss this for the world. Long time lurker here but just had to post that I知 honored and excited to join you all tonight. 15B.
Welcome, being thought crazy by family, friends, or strangers is not uncommon here! Added you to the guest list above. Have a great flight!
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props and thanks to Socalgecko and UAPremierExec for orchestrating this event!
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Originally Posted by jrl767
props and thanks to Socalgecko and UAPremierExec for orchestrating this event!
Thanks guys!!!
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[MENTION=568535]TheMiddleSeat[/MENTION], are you here?
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It's now April 25th on the West Coast
And Virgin America is officially no more

Here's to Virgin America
And your red boarding passes
And your purple mood lightings
And your plush, white first class seats
And your stylish black coach cabin
And your unlimited food and booze in Main Cabin Select
And your little plane-shaped shakers
Goodbye Virgin America
You will be missed
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Just want to thank all the FT talkers for organizing it, as Alaska really wasn't doing much, except opening up the lounge.
Thanks for all your hard work and creativity! I will savor this moment. I could not believe that I actually went to both the inaugural and the farewell flight of an airline. "Air Colbert" began my Virgin experience and "Frances" ended it.

I wish all the employees well in transiting into Alaska!

Thanks for the great souvenirs and memory!

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I've been up for over 25 hours at this point, so I'll keep it brief. I would like to thank socialgecko, UAPremierExec, Carolyn, who I did not get her FlyerTalk handle, and a two particular people at Virgin America for a memorable day. It was very emotional for me to witness such a sad day in aviation history. I felt like I was one with the sorrow of the employees and customers, who watched a great airline disappear today.

I shot photos and video, but I don't have the energy to edit them now, so I'll have to wait until my flight home tomorrow to do it.

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I join the chorus of voices praising the efforts of UAPremierExec, socialgecko and many others whose crucial efforts made this final VX flight a memorable event. VX meant more to me than just an interest from an airline hobbyist. I was never employed by them but it has impacted my life in a deep and personal way. I had a love/hate relationship with this company and being able to partake in this experience has given me closure.

Thank you VX for being so unique and different from the rest. You brought panache and style by introducing so many features that set you apart from the rest. Savvy travelers took notice and you became a favorite for many of us.

In closing I echo the sentiments of Carfield in wishing its employees the best as a new chapter opens in their careers.

VX will be missed.
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Thanks all for a fun evening - it was great to meet some of you and to collect all the swag. I wish we could get a transcript of the chat to keep coming back to! #vxforever .
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Had a great time! Thanks to the organizers and Alaska. Glad I got to make my first VX flight after waiting since before the airline launched
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Originally Posted by be_rettSEA
Thanks all for a fun evening - it was great to meet some of you and to collect all the swag. I wish we could get a transcript of the chat to keep coming back to! #vxforever .
Man, that chat was epic. I am so, so, thrilled to have met so many of you and been able to help give this much beloved airline the swan song it deserved. Pretty much from the day it launched, Virgin America stole my heart, and it was so amazing to see people showing that tightly-knit band of rogues and rebels how much the airline they built meant to those who flew with them.

I took a box of tissue home with me. Not. Packet, a BOX. We値l see how far I get through it while I知 at work today.

ALSO: Alaska found a bag with a nice camera and expensive sunglasses in the lounge after we departed. It is being held at lost and found. If it belongs to you, please give Alaska a call at 310-665-1454.

ALSO ALSO: If any donors missed out on swag items, please let me know and I値l mail you some of the remains...



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Thank you Nate and Brendan for organizing such a great event! It was great to put faces to names and share our most memorable VX moments. Shout out to my Row 4 crew! Looking forward to connecting with you all on a future flight.

See you in the skies!
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Greetings --

This was a lot of hard work but boy it sure did pay off!

I am very sorry if I didn't get a chance to meet everyone individually - we had a few curveballs thrown at us and the setup didn't go as smoothly as we hoped, but in the end I think we got all 185 of ya taken care of. If I didn't get to personally say HI and Thank you, I apologize, it wasn't intentional.

We've started a Facebook group for people to post pictures and videos - http://www.facebook.com/VXFarewell

And also, the reporter from USA Today asked people to comment on the story and share their experience: USA Today Article

I really really wish we could have kept the live chat from the plane, WOW! >-< And yes, I agree - we all should fly together again soon! It was a blast!

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