Dropping non MCI routes

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Dropping non MCI routes

It looks like Vanguard's finally consolidated down to one hub. For a while it was trying to maintain 'hubs' (as much as such a small airline can) in Pittsburgh, Chicago-Midway and Kansas City.

The following non-stop pairs were dropped
Pittsburgh-Atlanta (pretty quickly)
Pittsburgh-Myrtle Beach (seasonal service before only)
Pittsburgh-Chicago Midway (I bet since AirTran started this route they cant compete anyway)
Chicago-Miday to Minneapolis (Again, AirTran and other fierce competition on this route X'ed this route)

Personally I think this is a good move. However, I know Midwest Express announced MCI is their new target for expansion so it might mean trouble for Vanguard....
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Vanugard announced non-stop service MCI-LGA. Midwest Express responded by dropping advance-purchase prices on that route.

If the prices are congruent, which airline would you take: the airline that serves peanuts and has no back-up equipment, or the airline that serves full-course meals on china and has their own repairpeople? And with LGA a mess, which airline is more reliable?


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It sure didn't take long for Vabguard to drop MCI-LGA. I suppose MCI-LAX is next to go. It looks like they're going back to the schizophrenic days when they'd add and drop routes seemingly on a whim.
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They haven't dropped MCI-LGA. I hope they make it. The more discount cariers, the better for us all, no matter who we fly.

Their route system is pretty good now. They simplified it and added some good cities like LAX, LGA, SFO, and LAS.

They seem to be making a concerted effort to avoid Airtran, which makes sense because Airtran is a discounter that runs better than Vanguard.

Of course if they were the same price MCI to LGA, you'd probably fly Midwest Express, but I don't think they will be the same price. Vanguard will undercut them. Then people will decide if they want luxury of savings, which is a valid choice.

When it comes to airlines, I always root for the underdog!


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