MERGED THREADS - CONFIRMED: US Airways Bonus Miles To Return (Retroactive)

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Originally Posted by ArizonaGuy View Post
It sucks, I'd love to leave. And Delta has my interest. Problem is I like non-stops from PHX where UA doesn't cover and I like *A awards which rules out WN.

I'll take my 500 minimums and gladly connect once in a while through LAS (that's about the only domestic connection I will regularly put up with) for the extra grand. I'm a lowly SP and that 500 min alone can mean the difference between me retaining SP or not.
If that's your criteria... Just give DL a shot to see if you like it.
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Originally Posted by photojojo View Post
If that's your criteria... Just give DL a shot to see if you like it.
I intend to. I'm going to be feeding my LSC miles into Delta (assuming the mile awards come back soon enough) with their 150% bonus base mile promo on certain non-airline partners. My Amex MR will go to them for award travel (Still hoping PHX-MEX-CDG is valid routing!) I can deal with SLC connections, and I'm looking forward to the merger with NW progressing as I suppose I can also handle MSP or DTW connections for my trips to ORD.

Just need to get my US SP status for 2009 since I'm so close. SP still beats general member, despite the state of affairs at US. Plus should US eat some shrooms and magically get better in 2009, I'll still have some kind of status. And need 2009 status to see what kind of lowly status matches a silver can get elsewhere.
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Hello Fern and welcome to FlyerTalk!

I hope that we will be hearing more from you in the coming months as you address the numerous concerns that your customers have. I hope that you can follow the model set by some of the more successfuly company representatives such as CO_Insider, Starwood Lurker, and Diamond Club and have an open line of communication with your frequent and recently less frequent flyers here.

Do you have plans to start a Q & A thread and regularly post?
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Although both my wife and I requalified via segments this year, its nice to see the 500 minimum back and that's its retroactive.

Could this be the start of a new push to get their best customers back?
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I noticed it is now posted on the website. I think it had to happen. Having the retro minimum 500 won't mean requalifying for CP because I had moved some of my travel because of the changes. However, I have still qualified for Platinum next March 1st. and have still flown some flights since that would have got the 500 minimum. The extra miles in my flight from the 500 minimum adjustment and the bonus miles will be welcomed.
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I'm glad of the change but wish it would have been done sooner. Because of changes I made in some of my flights I will only qualify for Platinum this year. At the time I could have cared less because there was no difference in bonus miles earned. Now there will be. Oh, well.
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It's official. PR has just been released.
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Nocella, echoing earlier comments by other US Airways executives, said there is no evidence the frequent-flier-program changes cost the airline business.
If there was no evidence that the changes cost US business then why change back?

If it didn't affect business what a dumb business move.

Do they say stupid things or are they just stupid?
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Just got the e-mail:

Dear PGF,

Dividend Miles #: A123456
Silver Preferred

We're bringing back Preferred bonus miles & 500 mile segment minimums

Effective today, we're bringing back your 25% Preferred bonus miles and will retroactively credit your account for qualifying flights between August 6 - November 19, 2008. We're also restoring the 500 mile segment minimum for Preferred members, including retroactive bonuses for all qualifying flights from May 1 - November 19, 2008. All retroactive credit should appear in your December e-Statement. Travel better with these changes, as well as existing Preferred benefits like the best upgrade window in the industry, free first and second checked bags, access to Choice Seat assignments and more. Our Dividend Miles Program members are extremely important to us and these changes reflect our continued commitment to delivering the best product with the most value to our customers.

We've made quite a turnaround in the last 12 months!

* The U.S. Department of Transportation has ranked US as the most on-time airline so far this year*
* We scored a top three finish for our highest baggage handling rating ever in August
* We've upgraded our Envoy experience and introduced new First Class meals
* The Philadelphia International Airport, our international gateway, was recently rated as the best large airport in the entire country**
* We've announced new routes from Philadelphia to Tel Aviv, Israel; Birmingham, England; Oslo, Norway; from Charlotte to Paris, France and expanded service to the Caribbean

Thanks for your continued support and for choosing US Airways.

Fernand Fernandez
Director, Marketing Programs
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Wow! I had just made my first DL flight and was getting ready to status match to them.
Being a PHL flyer, looks like im going to stick with US for now. And it felt so good placing them last on that little survery i took this morning...
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Welcome to FT Fern.

I really do hope this is the beginning of a new era for US Airways...that is, an era where the management of the company does actually care, even if only a wee bit, about the FFers, VFFers and High Yield pax. To this point, Mr. Parker and US Airways management has more or less communicated with us, indirectly, that we are more or less, a nuisance

Honestly, you will have to tally me as one of those who will need to see a great deal of "make up" to believe US Airways has ANY care or desire to produce a product that serves the needs of FFers beyond simply getting them from point A to point B...with their luggage.

Welcome aboard...I hope we hear lots from you.
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Not to sound unappreciative, but did anyone else schedule crazy routing to maintain status this year like me? I sure would have enjoyed avoiding routes like PHL-PVD-CLT-LAX and MSY-CLT-TPA-PHL that I took just to get the miles! Anyway, there is no denying it is a step in the right direction for US.
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I am not going to be able to keep my Chairman's status next year, but I'll still travel quite a bit. This makes me feel like I made a good decision to stay with US.

YAY for bonus miles and 500-mile minimum segments!!!!!

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I'd rather connect through EWR and be delayed 5 hours than use US as my carrier of choice for the future......too little, too late.
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Glad to see the revision. This move never made any sense. The whole purpose of ff programs is to incentivize your customers -- especially your best customers -- to keep flying with you. Who would be motivated to fly US for, say, 250 miles? It made no sense. And doing away with the elite bonuses was a slap in your face to your best customers -- and eliminated a major reason to become elite on US.

I also think they should give away water and charge only a buck for cokes, but I guess that's for another thread.
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