Lufthansa may reinstate PHX-FRA

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Look at BA's PHX schedule

That evening departure isn't by accident or even driven by desired flight times.

It's because cooler air makes getting a 747 out of PHX easier.
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Well, that and the fact that evening departures will get you to Europe in the morning/early afternoon. If they left in the daytime from PHX, they'd arrive in the wee hours of the morning.
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Originally Posted by chtiet
.... which is another rumor. UA does not "own" Star, nor do they determine alone who's in and who's out....
But they own US on this score. I believe the way Star does it is that the first airline from a given country in Star gets to approve or reject any subsequent airlines from that country in Star.

So, in short, if UA wants US out of Star, US is out of Star.
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I agree that the Airbus maximum range is probably a best possible number. Fuel reserves for alternates, holds, and unfavorable winds will eat into that.

For trans-Pacific routes, ETOPS certification comes into play. (This restricts the range twin jets can get from an alternate airport.) Without an enhanced rating like the 777, the 330 probably can't be used trans-Pacific.
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