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Living in DC in the 1990's, I flew with a number of political big wigs, including Justice Berger next to me on one flight and Congresswoman Pat Schroeder (D-CO, I think) on another. I also flew 1A with Tom Toles in 1C--he was awesome. Once I flew a row ahead of Bette Midler to LAX once. She was nice until they closed the doors and then made it clear she wanted to be left alone.

Twice in the past couple years I have flown with Senator Joe Biden (D-DE) from PHL-LAS. Both times he had an aisle seat.

Coming back from the Pope's funeral this spring, a good number of Envoy seats were taken by CNN types whom I recognized as on-air personalities but couldn't name. I don't watch CNN much except on Sundays.

I've also flown with celebs I don't know but they were clearly recognized by others who were excited.

Most importantly, I flew next to the President of US Air (it was that long ago--on the dreaded F100) Leasing, or some such subsidiary in charge of aircraft. We had a brief six-month letter writing exchange as I told him all my many opinions of the various FC seats and configurations.
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Originally Posted by olde hornet
Sinbab (comedian) - at the US Luggage carousel in phl.
I'm sure he had pleeeenty of time for autograph signing!
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4 Hours of Power

Flew across the aisle in First Class from Dr Robert Harold & Mrs Arvella Schuller from LAX to BWI on a 737 in 1997. I consider this a significant celeberty sighting because it was shortly before the famous 28 Jun 97 incident where Rev. Schuller argued with a male flight attendant on a LAX-JFK flight, and then put his hands on the attendant's shoulders and shook him, "causing (the attendant's) head to move up and down in a vigorous manner." Also on the LAX-JFK flight he was angered because he could not hang his ministerial robes behind his first class seat, his specially ordered low-fat meal was "inedible;" and the flight attendant served him a plate of grapes that also had cheese on it. I can definitely certify to you that when flying USAir LAX-BWI Rev Schuller asked about the food in detail before it was served. He told the FA he was on a strict diet and didn't want certain foods to be served to him. He told the FA loudly and passionately, "no cheese." He didn't bring his robe, but I did hand him his well-worn Hartman leather briefcase from the overhead bin after landing.
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ML Carr the basketball player and now coach, took my first class seat from BOS-PHL the other day.
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Richard Simmons at PHL in the early 90's and just like above he was in those silly shorts and tube socks and had something of an entourage.

Leslie Ann Warren recently on a LAX-PHL flight. Still a quite a looker – always a fave of mine.

Al Gore at DCA shortly after he vacated the Vice Presidency. They boarded the entire plane, then held it for about 5 minutes. Gore and a few plain clothes security types then quickly walked through the terminal and directly on to the plane without stopping. He nearly tripped over my feet since I was sitting near the gate (and no, it wasn’t on purpose).

A few years ago at ORD I watched an entire F-100 full of pierced, pink haired, studded leather wearing late teens-early twenty somethings deplane followed by Bob Dole. Would have loved to have been a fly on the wall next to the Senator on that flight!

Peter Yarrow of Peter Paul and Mary in F about 10 years ago. Looked like he didn’t want to talk to anyone – ever. Guess that comes with the territory.
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I sat next to Bill Nye the Science Guy on my PIT-LAX flight yesterday - 4C/D.

I've sat next to/across from Eddie Money, Chip Ganassi, Hulk Hogan, Larry Csonka, Mr T., and Kirsten Dunst over the years.
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Sat next to Solomon Wlcots, ex NFL player gone tv analyst 2 days ago after he covered the MN Football game. We were both tired considering it was a 7am flight after a late Monday night game. Chatted briefly about the Panthers then fell asleep. Sat across the aisle from Roger Craig from LAX to CLT last year, also fles with wrestler Rick "WHOO" Flair once...
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Jamie Oliver (yes, the cook ) on Virgin Atlantic flight VS10 from JFK to LHR (30th of September)- it was actually quite funny. He jumped out of the lavatory, saying something before disappearing into J :lol: It just seemed so comical to me.

Also, my boyfriend has been in J with the drummer from Green Day. Tré Cool I believe he's called. I've met a bunch of Danish celebs, but nobody here would know who they are :-P
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Chocolate Thunder

Rode with Darryl Dawkins to LAX, nice guy.

This isn't a US celeb sighting but I sat one table over from Robert Duval in Beuna Vista CO a few years back right around the time he married his 20 something tango instructor.

I have NO idea if she could dance but she sure could fill out a dress.
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Speaking of PHL, I was stranded there during last year's Christmas debacle along with Franco Harris, former Steeler and Hall of famer.

Also, quite a number of years ago I saw Andre the Giant at the terminal in PIT; he's the single largest human I've ever seen.
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An unhappily delayed Ashley Judd was in the CLT club today.
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Originally Posted by CPRich
I sat next to Bill Nye the Science Guy on my PIT-LAX flight yesterday
And Ray Liotta on the return trip today.
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2 weeks ago - Fred Thompson (the DA from Law and Order) - sat across from him..he was reading a script for this 3 scenes (5mins)

3 weeks ago - Paul Sarbanes and bunch of other senators during the UN conference
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Traveling out of DCA, you frequently see all sorts of political figures. I used to be a MA resident and traveled DCA-BOS, DCA-PVD and DCA-BDL frequently. My local Congressman, Former Boston Mayor Ray Flynn and Sen. Joe Lieberman were frequent guests.

Still, I remember one particular DCA-BOS Shuttle ride around 2002--after the midterm elections when upon scanning the plane as I was boarding I saw John Kerry tucked away in an exit row reading. Now, I'm a Senate aide for a member of the opposite party and see these guys pretty frequently, but I remember thinking that in a year or so things would be much, much different for him, as he'd be getting ready for the NH Primary and probably on his way to being a national figure. I couldn't help but wonder if his commercial travel days would be over. Of course, things did change for him, but nowadays he's back on US Airways...
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Originally Posted by DC FLYERBOY
2 weeks ago - Fred Thompson (the DA from Law and Order)
You mean Senator Fred Thompson.

A few months back I sat behind Alan Greenspan and Andrea Mitchell (his wife) LGA-DCA and next to one of his 5 or so security guys. Unlike the FAMs or secret service, this guy actually talked to me about his work. I found the conversation quite interesting.
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