Fewest people on a flight?

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Originally Posted by chrisdenver1 View Post
PS don't remember the aircraft but it was either Turboprop or RJ, so certainly not as bad proportionally as others have posted
I did that flight a few times in 2001. It was on a DASH-8.

I did GNV-MCO last Friday with only one other passenger on the Saab 340. Nice ride, though we did have to sit all the way in the back for W&B.
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Originally Posted by hardyden View Post
What is the fewest number of people you've had on your flight?

For me: 11

USAir CUN to CLT on A321. 8 of us were in FC. FC had to move into coach for takeoff to distribute the weight.

We had great service!!
4-5 on a Sunday 10am LHR-AMS flight via KLM.
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Just myself and the FA on the 5:30 CKB-MGW milk run, with 3 extra pax boarding in MGW on to IAD.
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3 including myself and my girlfriend on a flight between DCA and YUL (Montreal). My GF and I were looking to take a trip up all summer, but flights were about $450-$550 each and one Tuesday we noticed that flights leaving on 6AM Saturday morning and coming back Monday night were discounted to $220. Needless to say we booked immediately and then figured out why they were so cheap. Only one other person had braved the 6 AM flight on a CRJ. The return flight was nearly full though.
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8 of us on a Panama City Pty flight to New York Ewr ..the previous days flight was cancelled and they needed to get the plane back to Ewr. 2 flights left ...the normal one for that day and the previous days flight ..we all got put in 1st class and had our hotels paid for the night before ..this was about 3 years ago .
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2, myself and one other person who was terrified to fly since it was her first time and we both had to move to the back of the plane for take off and she refused to move. It was EWR to Rochester on a EMB 145
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Back in the 60's I was the only passenger on a North Eastern DC 3 flying Portland, ME. to Bangor, ME. It was pretty late at night and the "stewardess" and I visited the cockpit, took food orders from the crew and then made sandwiches for all. We stood around in the cockpit for awhile eating and then sat down in the back somewhere. Upon landing in Bangor, the plane went right to the parking area for the night and the crew and I shared a cab into town. I'm sure this kind of thing happens all the time now....NOT.
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One time it was just me and the crew on a delta flight from ATL-SAV, that was pretty sweet. this was 10+ years ago though, and I think they only flew it because I was an unaccompanied minor and this was the last flight of the day. It was my second leg, so they couldn't leave me in Atlanta.
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Originally Posted by CPRich View Post
I was the sole passenger on a US mainline narrow-body (727/737?) between BWI and CLT several years ago. I sat in my favorite 2D, and felt compelled to pay attention to the safety briefing.
Originally Posted by BoeingBoy View Post
Not counting ferry flights, 1 paying passenger on a 727...

Was that you?

(I thought it was a 737, but it was 10+ years ago - when were 727s retired?)
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Nope - a real paying passenger. It was somewhere-DAY-CLE and DAY was closed for some type of weather so flew non-stop somewhere-CLE and only one of the passengers was going there so boarded. The rest waited for the next flight to DAY.

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Originally Posted by CPRich View Post
Was that you?

(I thought it was a 737, but it was 10+ years ago - when were 727s retired?)
US started retiring them in 1991 with the big furlough (as well as the Bae-146s). Since the Trump Shuttle flew 727s, they made a somewhat brief comeback after that merger but were gone again after 911.

The time I'm thinking of was in the late 80's.

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Fewest passengers on a flight

Back in the early 1990s I flew frequent business round trips between ORD and SFO, usually on United Airlines. I recall one flight where I counted 5 passengers in addition to myself. The aircraft was a DC-10, and I remember being shocked that the airline would use such a large aircraft on a flight with so few passengers.
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5 passangers and 2 or 3 crew members from PDP (Punta del Este, Uruguay) to AEP (Aeroparque, Argentina) in an Embraer 190 from Austral Lineas Aereas (Aerolineas Argentinas) last Ferbruary. And some people wonder why AR looses so much money.
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2 weeks after 9/11, I flew SFO-NRT on a United 747. There were only 50 passengers including first. The F/A crew made an announcement that they were all being furloughed.
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I don't remember the exact date but I DO remember that it was the first day commercial aviation resumed after 9/11 (so maybe 9/13ish) and I flew MHT-BWI on SWA. IIRC about 9 or 10 of us total pax onboard. I'm sure you can guess the aircraft type since it was SWA. I also recall that there were MANY more ANG soldiers in the airport w/ BIG rifles, then there were pax. All of us agreed, tho, that it was probably the safest day to fly, as someone else previously said.
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