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US/AA merger- MASTER DISCUSSION THREAD/incl 'when will US leave STAR'

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US/AA merger- MASTER DISCUSSION THREAD/incl 'when will US leave STAR'

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There is an existing thread in the AA forum that may be useful to US and AA Flyertalkers:
US-AA Merger: Just the Facts thread

As facts become posted, that should be the place to look.

Merger discussion, speculation, and other questions can be directed here, or the similar thread in the AA forum:
MERGER: US and AA 9 Dec 2013 and implications for AA flyers (new)

AA - US Merger Agreement / Announcement / DOJ Action Discussion (consolidated, and now closed to new posts)
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Old Feb 14, 13, 8:02 am
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Originally Posted by BigDaddyTL View Post
I booked a trip for late March 2013 all on US Airways. It's about 5000 miles total, so not insignificant. I'm seeing mixed information as to if I will likely still be able to get Air Canada status miles on those segments. Does anyone have a definitive answer or can give some guidance based on more facts than random news reports?

EDIT -- Sorry, my subject is misleading, and question confusing... More precisely -- how long will US Air be giving out star alliance miles to members of star alliance flyer programs like United/AirCanada, etc?
You are safe. USAir will continue to be in Star Alliance for many months still.
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Old Feb 14, 13, 8:03 am
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Wonder what will happen with the Lifetime qualification issue on USAAirways
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Old Feb 14, 13, 8:07 am
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Welp, as a PHL based flyer, so much for getting the nonstop flights and crediting to UA. Guess I better learn to enjoy IAD, I refuse to cnx in EWR.
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Old Feb 14, 13, 8:08 am
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Originally Posted by phisher4 View Post
Does anyone really think they will be fully integrated by late 2013 like the letter said this morning?
Nope... anyone know if AA uses Sabre or Shares? I thought they used the first.... ah... I remember that debacle...
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Old Feb 14, 13, 8:10 am
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Time to start looking at UA. I make status on segments and it appears that is far harder to do with OW/AA. Status match would be nice right now.
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Old Feb 14, 13, 8:10 am
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As a CP, who recently moved to Boston, this is generally a very good upgrade. After LGA and PHL, my next two most frequent destinations are ORD and MIA. I will no longer have to fly UA to ORD and can enjoy AA to MIA. Will hurt my flights to YYZ, as no more star alliance and Air Canada lounges in Toronto are fantastic (primarily because they have Guiness you can pour yourself...)

Question - for 2014 qualifications, should i start to think about AA and US as "the same" (e.g., they'll combine my segments for 2014 elite levels). If so, I'll start flying AA more often to ORD AND won't have to try and connect when flying to Dallas on USAir? (My AA status has been as high as EP, but is non existent this year - however, when I fly AA I usually book first, so I need not worry about status)
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Old Feb 14, 13, 8:12 am
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I'm pretty much hosed as an IND flyer. Though most of my flying in the next 24 months will be transpacific and leisure. So who knows.

Not. A. Fan.
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Old Feb 14, 13, 8:13 am
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Originally Posted by bwiadca View Post
Good bye US. Hello UA.
If US wants to move, fine. But I'm not moving with them to the worst possible alliance.
I'm certainly not connecting in London for Europe.....
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Old Feb 14, 13, 8:26 am
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Horrible, Horrible News...
I am leaving US as many of people here. But, not sure where to go.
That I have to study and think...
But, really?! merger with AA? That is really really terrible.
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Old Feb 14, 13, 8:30 am
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Buried in that email is the news that E+ style seating is coming. Might take forever, but it's coming.

I suppose this means the SOC at PIT is history, along with the maintenance operations.
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Old Feb 14, 13, 8:36 am
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Originally Posted by PSU Mudder View Post
Buried in that email is the news that E+ style seating is coming. Might take forever, but it's coming.

I suppose this means the SOC at PIT is history, along with the maintenance operations.
That is 1 thing I certainly preferred on UA and Scandinavian... economy plus/extra with more legroom. If you don't get the upgrade, you at least get put in the front of E with more legroom.
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Old Feb 14, 13, 8:39 am
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So I've been saving my miles to redeem them on the Star Alliance to go to Europe. I've done it before and although its a real pain calling them and playing the game (using the ANA tool), but its very worth it when you can actually get a ticket for 50k instead of the premium you have to pay in miles to get a ticket in the normal DM system. So my question is do I rush out and cash in my miles while I still can in the Star Alliance, or do I sit on them and hope that we find a way to use them at reasonable rates in the merged programs. I looked at redeeming miles in AA's current program and I could actually find a flight around the time of year I wanted to go for 50,000 miles.

I'll add that I'd rather sit on them b/c we just had a new baby so traveling in the next year or two is not ideal for us right now. But I'd rather not have my miles get de-valued either.
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Old Feb 14, 13, 8:44 am
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This merger actually gives me a viable second option to DL out of MCO. I used to fly US a great deal and joined the AA family when it took over TWA.

I have been fairly happy with DL, but devaluation of SM and ither changes have given me reason to look around.

I for one will not make a jump until more details are released. I witnessed US'S last merger..... nuff said.

PS. How about a club at MCO to sweeten the deal.......
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Old Feb 14, 13, 8:45 am
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Originally Posted by ronniefastback View Post
This sucks.... read my email this morning, screamed and my wife thought something was really wrong! Well, to me there is. Guess it was only a matter of time before US did something. I've been CP or Plat for the past 10+ years and have gotten used to the upgrade. Really worried those days are over....

I'm in the same boat....
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Old Feb 14, 13, 8:45 am
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Currently I do not have preferred status, but at the start of this year I decided to attempt to get status on Usairways. So far I have accumulated 10 segments and will be on pace for about 35 segments for the year which I believe will get me to Silver. With the news of this merger, should I change my thinking and switch to another airline's program like United? I fly out of PIT. If I switch to another program, is there a way to transfer the 10 segments I currently have to the new program?

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