Dividend Miles Multiplier


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Dividend Miles Multiplier

Double or triple your miles with Dividend Miles Multiplier

Now you can double or triple your miles every time you fly for as little as $9 on usairways.com.
Here's how it works.

First, we estimate the total miles for your trip:

Flight miles (includes segment minimums for Preferred members & all Shuttle flights)
+ Class-of-service bonus (if it applies)
+ Preferred bonus miles (if it applies)
= Total miles

Then, with Dividend Miles Multiplier you can double or triple your total miles for as little as $9.
Keep in mind...

* The miles you buy with Dividend Miles Multiplier don't count towards Preferred status.
* Dividend Miles Multiplier only shows up when there is at least one Dividend Miles member on the itinerary.
* You'll only see Dividend Miles Multiplier when you're booking travel on usairways.com.
* Your Dividend Miles Multiplier transaction is non-refundable. Even if your travel plans change, you’re Dividend Miles Multiplier miles do not.
* Multiplier miles post immediately after you pay for your trip. Your actual flight miles still show up after you've completed your trip.
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They started doing this quite a while ago; while it generally isn't the best value for obtaining miles, it's in some cases cheaper than using points.com to buy the miles outright, because you do not pay a transaction fee.

If you have more than one person in your PNR and each person has a different status level, you'll see different prices for each person; the CP pays more, the general member pays less, because there are different levels of elite bonus to multiply and the more miles you end up with, the more you pay.

Personally I don't take advantage of these offers; I just don't see the value. But if I were a few thousand miles short of an award, I might reconsider.

I did a few tests last year and found that any Mastercard, DPQM or other promo's do NOT stack with the DM Multiplier (which is a bummer, because if they did stack, and DMM was multiplying what MC gave you, then it might be a great value), but they DO stay in your account if your itinerary is cancelled. It's handled as a separate transaction and usually hits the account fairly quickly so if you need miles in a super hurry, booking a ticket somewhere that gets you 1/2- 1/3 of the required miles, then canceling the ticket within the 24-hour free cancellation window, might be a fast and cheaper solution (although still not really cheap, as the per-mile cost is between 2 and 3 cents in the routes I checked).
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Started in first quarter of 2010 - more than a year ago. There's a thread or two on it.

The cost always hovers near 2 cents per mile. The cost to double or triple is significantly higher for a CP in paid F versus a non-member in Y since the CP and class of service bonuses are also doubled/tripled.

Oh, and often the cost to triple is higher per mile than it is to double! Even so, it's a better deal than the standard 2.75cpm buy miles rate, absent of any 100% buy miles bonus promo.
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