Promo Code for Joining Dividend Miles


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Promo Code for Joining Dividend Miles

Hey all, long-time lurker, first time poster. Hope you all can offer some sage advice.

My girlfriend and I are in a long-distance relationship. Right now we fly Delta because it's the only direct. However, a new job in the fall means we'll fly UA much more. Getting ahead of the ball, I was going to sign both of us for dividend miles now, and try to accumulate some points for the fall. However, at sign-up I saw there's a promo code space. I've scoured the internets and found no active promo code that awards points just for signing up now.

My two-fold question is this:
(1) Is there a valid promo code for signing up right now?
(2) If there is not, and I don't intend to fly UA until September, should I sign up now or stand pat in the hopes they release a sign-up promo code soon?

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i wouldn't count on more than 1500 non-pref miles even if there was a signup promo. you also realize this is the US forum, yes?
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I don't think there is a current sign-up promo for new members. There was one that was good until September 30, 2010 that gave 1,500 points for new members and they run intermittently, so if you don't need to sign up right now, it may make sense to wait a bit.
If you want some easy miles, you can get 500 points for installing the tool bar.
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Anybody know if there is a current promo for joining Dividend Miles? I have a family member with an upcoming US Airways flight.
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I found a page with a promo code for 4000 miles:

I entered it during sign up but didn't get a confirmation if it worked or not. As of right now, my miles say 0.

After my miles were created, I connected my already purchased ticket to my dividend miles account and inputted my US Airways frequent flyer number in there. I saw that I could put in my frequent flyer for another airline. Would that mean I would then accumulate points w/ that Airline? If so, I'd rather put my United in. I fly that much more often.
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Yes, you can earn United miles on US. Probably makes sense to stick with one program between the two of them unless you are trying to qualify for elite status on US.
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Originally Posted by NESkier View Post
Yes, you can earn United miles on US. Probably makes sense to stick with one program between the two of them unless you are trying to qualify for elite status on US.
Thanks. Yes, I did change my US Airways flights to accumulate United Miles instead of US Airways.
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any new promo code? I would like to sign up for my girlfriend. the latest one posted on was valid until 31 March only.

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