CP desk (and status) is THAT good!

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Talking CP desk (and status) is THAT good!

I just wanted to share my first real CP experience. I flew RIC-PHL-SBY last week but that was on a CJ and Dash 8...

Tonight my ATL-CLT leg was late (big surprise). We got in around 7:10pm; the exact time my CLT-RIC flight left. When we touched down the cabin was pandemonium but I just sat in my seat and called the CP desk. She was so sympathetic and nice, I really didn't care if she could solve my issue... but she did.

The next CLT-RIC flight was around 10:00pm however there was a CLT-CHO flight at 7:35. I ran to the E concourse as she confirmed me on the flight. It was the easiest thing ever, no mention of fares or fees or anything. Boom, it was done... so I thought.

I get to E20 and they say I'm not on the flight and won't let me on. The flight has boarded and is about to leave. I said "I just called the CP desk and they confirmed me..."
"well what do you want us to do? We cannot just let you on with out a record? Call the number back or go see special services"

So I ran to special services. me: "Hey guys, I just called the CP desk and got rerouted to CHO but the gang at E Twe...."
Special Serv desk: "Sir, we are going to get you on that flight, just run back over there"
As I was leaving they were actually tag teaming the effort (three of them)... It was really impressive.
I got to the gate and the phone was ringing (I couldn't help but say "thats special services for you") and presto, I was on, in the exit row, by my self.

When I boarded the flight everyone cheer...ok that didn't happen. But I really felt special and rewarded for putting in the miles to get to CP.

I landed in CHO, cashed in a HERTZ coupon and was home an hour and forty-five minutes before the CLT-RIC flight.

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its great when things work out.
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The CP desk really is top-notch. I send an email anytime someone goes beyond the call of duty and usually get a response within a day indicating that my comments will be passed to the agent that helped me. Just trying to show US that customers do value the CP desk and it is one reason to fly US (if you can rack up 100k miles a year).

I signed both of my parents (had been SP) and my gf (had been GP) up for the CP promo (18 segs to CP) and all 3 are well on their way to making it. The CP desk was my main selling point (upgrade percentage is not much better than as GP and the preferred bonus is the same as GP). When things go wrong, it's nice to know that someone will look after you.

Hopefully the CP desk at the new US will be just as good.
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I think that the service that you receive as CP really is exceptional, even from the front line employees. It does make you feel special when they go that extra mile, and if you have status, I think you are more likely to receive such treatment.

I was flying a month or so ago and (sorry to go into so much detail) but was using the restroom facilities in RDU. I was on an 8 segment run and assumed that everything was going fine. Little did I know that it wasn't, but not to worry, US Airways took care of me.

I was just standing there in the restroom when I heard my name called over the loudspeaker asking me to come to the desk. I hadn't been able to get one of my upgrades later in the day and was on the waiting list, so I assumed maybe it had something to do with that. No.

One of my flights had been cancelled, and I didn't even know about it. I did get an automated message about it on my cell phone, but my cell phone was turned off most of the day while flying, so I didn't hear that until after I got back home.

Well, the extremely helpful GAs there in RDU had already rerouted me and everything through a different city and still got me to my original destination with all of my 8 segments intact. They didn't try to charge me anything, and it was smooth sailing from there on out.

That was vastly different than my experiences back when I had NO status. I missed a connection once and had to go through hell and highwater just to try and not end up stranded in some strange town that night, and no one on the phone could speak English, and everyone wanted to charge me $100 change fees plus differences in fare, etc. It was horrible.

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IMO, US Is Good to All Elites

While I've never been CP and thus can't speak to treatment as a CP, I have been either SP or GP for each of the last 8 years. Almost without fail, every time I've had an "irregularity" as an elite, I've felt that my status received some consideration and far more often than not substantial consideration. This has been true even where the "irregularity" was my fault. Further, I feel my status is consistently recognized even where there's no "irregularity." I cannot say the same on either score for the other airlines I've had status on. That's why I'll continue to fly US wherever possible.
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