Price Later Goes Down

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Price Later Goes Down

Hello everyone. I know this topic has been discussed here before, but I can't seem to find the postings.
I am planning vacation travel for January. The itinerary I have in mind is currently priced at about 640.
My question is this. If I buy now, and the price later goes down, can I call and ask for a voucher in the amount of the difference?
If this is possible (which I think it is, if my memory of the postings on here is accurate), then I will just buy the ticket now and keep an eye on the price to see if it goes down.
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Originally Posted by drewap
I know this topic has been discussed here before, but I can't seem to find the postings.
This is the last thread I remember seeing about this:
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informative info...great thread
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I'm having the damndest time with our Eurotrip fares.

EWR-PHL-CDG is US metal, US ticket
CDG-LHR is BD metal, BD flight, US ticket
LGW-CLT-EWR is US metal, US ticket

I picked it up back in July for right around 550, which in itself isn't too bad with the routing that I wanted.

I'm trying to get it to reprice now as I'm pretty sure its dropped, but the damn BD flight is causing all sorts of crap now as they're not offering a lower fare on it (US is repricing it at $730). The stickler of it is that pricing it with the BD flight booked as a LH codeshare drops the price to < $500.

I guess its just wait and see. I thought getting it all booked as one itin versus 2 separate tickets would be the way to go but so far its biting me in the ....

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