Please Forgive My Own Stupidity--Help on Miles

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Please Forgive My Own Stupidity--Help on Miles

So here's my situation. Dad and I are both GPs. Dad has 36,616 w/ 18 segs. He's going to KIX in Japan on a UA trip, but it was done through Ameniti so Mom can fly free, so now I here the problem with the miles is that he cant earn US he must earn UA on the flights--major bummer. Also, he's taking a Circle Pacific Airfare during 3 Nov-14 Nov from CLT-SFO-SYD-BNE-SIN-HKG-SFO-CLT (which on GC Mapper = that's 24,339 mi). They also flying F on CLT-SFO and C SFO-SYD, as well as C BNE-SIN-HKG-SFO and F SFO-CLT. So am I correct in assuming that he will earn around 24,339 miles that WILL ACTUALLY COUNT FOR STATUS,not including the extra bonus miles for flying in a premium (Business) cabin? He now has 36,617 miles so I assume that 36,617+24,339=60,956 miles so he will clear Gold.

Also, I'm heading out on 5 Oct on NH (UA Codeshae flight from IAD-NRT roundtrip). This will be in F Class. This should earn 13,506 actual miles flown. Since I already have 27,373 so far this year, plus 10,435 left on a C-class UA run from IAD-EZE rtp in late Oct/Nov, that leaves me with 51,314--enough for Gold.

Is it just me, or is it really difficult this year to earn miles over last year. I went over my itins. for last year, which did include some trans-pac travel, but it seemed like I was always been rewarded for traveling in C of F and this time it only goes towards bonus miles and not qualifying miles.

No one at US Airways Cust Ctr. can be of any help eaither; I keep getting different reports from different persons and I just want to make sure that we both are gold for next year--we really do a lot of flying.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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I had to reread this to understand it, but to summarize, if your dad is earning UA miles, then they won't count at all towards US status, he's actually earning status miles on United.
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Can't your dad just switch FF# at the gate to US DM, instead of UA MP?

Do it right before boarding for each leg by asking the GA very nicely so that the FF# on the PNR is still his UA # (so your mom can travel for free using Ameniti's 2-for-1 offer).

He should make sure his new BP shows his US FF# before ultimately boarding the plane.
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