My Note to the folks at US Airways

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My Note to the folks at US Airways

This is the message I posted on one or two other boards regarding the upcoming merger which should take place next Tuesday. I thought it appropriate to share with my friends here.....

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It's the dawn of a new day at US Airways. While everyone is not happy with some of the final components of the merger and POR agreements, the fact is it's too late to change anything. The judge has spoken. It is what it is.

It's time to bury the dead here, folks, and to nurture and give the new "baby" a chance. It's time to put aside the hard feelings, the bitterness, the distrust and anymosity, and to give the new management the benfit of the doubt. They have a monumental task ahead of them, and everyone who remains, customer, employee and management alike, should go in with an open mind, put maximum effort forward and hope for the best.

Finally, I would like to express my personal thanks and appreciation to the front line employees of US Airways, who are truly the best this industry has to offer. You are the reason there is still a company to merge. You are the reason that there is a fiercely loyal customer base, some of which organized into a group like FFOCUS. You are the reason there is a future, DESPITE the poor management, not BECAUSE of them.

Be proud of what you've accomplished and be hopeful for what you can accomplish looking forward.

My best to you all....

I think we at FFOCUS will be issuing a similar statement as well.....
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Originally Posted by Art234
I think we at FFOCUS will be issuing a similar statement as well.....
Nice. But, what is FFOCUS?
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Originally Posted by AApokes08
Nice. But, what is FFOCUS?
FFOCUS - Frequent Flyers Organized and Committed to US Airways Success

We used to be called the "US Cockroaches"

Website is at . Membership is free!
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