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neildibiase Sep 12, 05 9:23 pm

Compensation from who?
I have posted a similar thread over in the Travelbuzz Forum, but I think this might be a better venue. I have booked a ticket through US from BOS-TLV this Dec that includes a connection in FCO from US to LY (El Al). The problem is, the connection is 1:50 and while it is within the legal limit (LY mandates 1:40 between flights), I do not think that i will make the connection as I have to get luggage and re-checkin for LY. So, my question is, if I miss that LY flight, who is obligated to get me to TLV. US is aware of the situation and has offered to rebook me through FRA, if I pay the $200 change fee plus fare difference. Yet, they acknowledge that the connection is impossibly tight. The only other option they have offered is an Alitalia flight that does not arrive in TLV until 3:30AM on the next day, too late to meet up with my tour. So, if I miss my connection, who is responsible for getting me to TLV, US because they ticketed it, or LY as my destination airline? Thanks guys.

Also, if you have suggestions on getting US to change my routing without the change fee to avoid this whole problem, I would be really appreciative.

noah Sep 13, 05 1:04 am

What makes you think you won't make your connection?

I don't think checking your luggage through will be a problem, but even if you do 1:50 should be enough time.

US booked you a ticket within legal limits, so I see no need for them to re-book you without a fee. If I were you, I'd stick with what you have, and if your flight is delayed or you miss the connection for some reason (though I maintain you will be fine) then between the US and LY staff at FCO you will get there.

Mhttoanywhere Sep 13, 05 5:56 am

When flying from MHT or Boston in the winter and planning to join a cruise/tour I always go the day before. This way you are assured of joining your tour. What about December snowstorms?

PHL Sep 13, 05 6:19 am

1:50 should be fine. You may even arrive in Rome early due to the greater tailwinds in the Winter that may shave some time off the trip. Don't sweat it.

neildibiase Sep 13, 05 8:59 am

the only reason i was nervous is the agent at LY said people usually need 3 hours between flights. i have to get off the flight, go through customs, claim my luggage, and be at the LY check-in desk in time to go through their strict security before they close the flight. They won't tell me how early they close the flights, but just in TLV, where they have a hub, they require people to arrive 3 hours early to be processed with all of the security checks. But I hope you all are correct. How easy is FCO to navigate?

noah Sep 13, 05 1:20 pm

FCO is pretty easy to navigate. The international transit lounge is in Terminal C.

Again, I do not think you will need to go through customs, claim your luggage, and be at the LY check-in desk to go through security. I know El Al can be strict, but most international airlines allow for you to transit between flights WITHOUT having to clear customs and immigration. I might post a query in the El Al Forum asking if they have a transit desk at FCO. If they do, you will never even set foot in Italy. The 1:40 connection time has been set taking these things into consideration.

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