Fuel Issues at CLT and FLL

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Fuel Issues at CLT and FLL

I just ran into a news story on the fuel shortages at CLT and FLL due to the hurricane. I found it on CNN.com, but can't seem to find it now.

Found this posted to the airliners.net forums http://www.airportbusiness.com/artic...tion=1&id=3343

The question is, since CLT is a major US Hub, what would happen if CLT ran out of fuel and had to close?
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The resurgence of PIT?

Actually, that probably won't work--while PIT is not as pipeline dependant as CLT, it's fuel floats up from the Gulf on barges and is offloaded for a quick pipeline trip out to the airport.

More likely, they'll have to make very strategic decisions about which outstations to bunker fuel, and hope the power comes back on to the pipeline headends.
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Here at GSP in southcarolina, its hard to find a gass station with any unleaded left! uhhh!! MARIAH CAREY!!
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Just saw something on CNN an hour or so ago which said that airlines are flying planes into certain airports FULLY LOADED with fuel and then emptying the extra out to fill other planes and/or stockpile. Looks like they are having to cope as best as they can (like the rest of us).

Had to stop at three places this morning in order to find some unleaded.

I remember reading an article in the award-winning Attache' magazine a month or so ago which had an interview with the US Airways guy responsible for fuel management. I remember one particular fact where he said that for every two gallons of fuel that a plane carries, you need one more gallon of fuel to carry it around. OUCH!
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Gas is 3.50 a gallon here in GA and only 60% of the stations have any. Regular unleaded is in short supply.
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This is from today's Charlotte Observer - link to full story on the gas issue around here is (free registration required): http://www.charlotte.com/mld/charlot...s/12530118.htm
Charlotte/Douglas International Airport has enough jet fuel to fill planes until next Thursday, Aviation Director Jerry Orr said. The airport is drawing its supply from nine massive storage tanks, which were topped off last weekend. Orr said he expected the next shipment of fuel to arrive this weekend.

No airlines have canceled Charlotte flights because of constraints in the fuel supply, Orr said. He added that he would not be surprised to see some cancellations in the next few days.

US Airways spokesman David Castelveter said the airline was operating normally despite the crunch on jet fuel.
Meaning, we're fine here, thanks. The only way we're not is if the next shipment is delayed. The Colonial and Plantation pipelines are getting back up to speed, and there's been no indication that there's a jet fuel problem here.
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We were tankering fuel this week. Had a few TYS turns, and the airplane was topped each time.

Just to show you what kind of gas mileage a turboprop gets. Leaving TYS with full fuel, the aircraft flew TYS-CLT-GSP-CLT before refueling again. This was possible due to sunny skies and no alternate fuel required. The aircraft landed in CLT after GSP with an hour and a half worth of fuel still on board.
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more CNN-hysteria.

No fuel issues in Ft. Lauderdale and no excessive tanking....
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