anyone else hate southwest?

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Angry anyone else hate southwest?

Im gonna get some hate mail for this, but I HATE Southwest Airlines! I am so sick of hearing how great they are and how wounderful the route system is and how low they price fares and... and... it just goes on and on! Uhhhh!! Shutup media! Southwest is not THAT great!
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Well, maybe you should fly US Airways and not Southwest then...
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I'll join you in hating WN aka "Air Walmart".
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Which is a bigger wrong:

Setting reasonable (or low, depending upon one's point of view) expectations and meeting them %99 of the time and charging a "fair fare" in the process


Setting relatively "lofty" expectations and meeting them %50 of the time while charging an exhorbitant premium in many markets?

LUV is very, very good at "what they do" because they take loads of care in setting that expectation. US, of late, continues to set a "premium" expectation and often fails to meet it.

As a practical matter, I've found myself on LUV a bunch this year when they wanted $120 for a "unreserved" seat on a 737 versus US wanting $400 for a reserved seat on an affiliate operated RJ. Would I like the miles? Sure. Will I pay a %300 premium for the kind of service I expect on the US side? *ell, no.

That said, this thread will be locked quickly if the dialogue is no more constructive than "southwest sucks."
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SWA is one of the most coveted corporations in the word. They’ve made a profit for 30+ years. Their employees are extremely satisfied. As a matter of a fact, if I were the jealous type, I’d hate them because I envy their profit sharing accounts. They must be doing something right.

Things that make me hate an airline include, but are no limited to, charging $364 for a last minute one way ticket for a 1-hour hop PIT-PHL. Pay a couple of those and you’ll bow down to SWA because the day they entered that market in May, the price dropped $300. And it stayed there.

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Do I hate SW?
PIT-PHL $78. Ummm, no.
I now fly US because of SW. Before they move into PIT I would fly CO to ABE. Now I fly US to PHL.
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I really dislike WN ... hate may be too strong of a word, though. I probably hate the perception of WN in the general public and in the media more than the airline itself.
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Like Cluebyfour, I have changed my flying habits. A lot more of my flying has gone to WN. Why? They offer a fare and have a much bigger fare bucket to dip into. Plus, it seems their scheduling is a lot more conducive to my scheduling.

Example. Ex. FLL-PHL. I am taking a flight this coming Saturday on WN for $49 O/W. Why? US requires me to purchase a R/T to get this fare. Fine, I am going R/T. The outbound PHL-FLL segment fits my schedule. But on the return, they only offer either a 7am or 8am flight. I was able to get a 1:20 return on WN for $49 O/W, without needing to buy a R/T ticket. I just make sure to get on the "A" line so I can snag row 1 or exit row for the extra leg room.

Who doesn't like $58 R/T fares between PHL-PIT (for the first few months of WN's service)??
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Agree with ClueByFour 100% on his points. SWA's business model is one every airline now aspries to be. As a shareholder(got out awhile back), they've also made me very happy.

I will take SW if it's a few times a year no problemo, they are efficient, I get there on time and heck, if my choice is SWA or an RJ, I'm going SW.
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SW is not perfect...

But they now get over 50% of my flying time,and there employees seem to enjoy their jobs!!All the other Airlines wish they had their buisness model instead of cutting retirement funds,looking at or in bankrupt court,reducing pay,increasing hours,jacking airfares,you get the idea.SW is alright in my book!
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I shun threads like this one generally, since it's sort of the COKE vs PEPSI thing, but a different verse. In a former life, I was in the consumer packaged goods biz and watched Coke and Pepsi sales forces literally HATE each other in the field everyday of every year. Ditto for Frito-Lay reps and every other salty snack company out there from sea to shining sea.

On some macro level, competition is almost always a good thing. Businesses must keep every pencil sharpened every day to minimize costs while maximizing the business model. Those that succeed are also keeping their employees happy and their consumer base satisfied.

I hope that those who claim to HATE LUV can be realistic enough to acknowledge that through luck, good timing, or genuine business acumen.....LUV has, indeed, generally offered more of what the general travelling public has wanted these past years. Not everyone will agree with that of course (there are still folks out there who only drink Tab or Fresca ... ), but the numbers speak loudly, don't they?

I would also hesitate to widely compare Wal-Mart to LUV. LUV's model includes a dramatically successful formula that has employees excited to go to work in the mornings.......their front line employees make more than many of their legacy, mainline competitors' front line folks, etc.

I would ask that if someone announces that they Hate <whatever> here on FT, that they take the time to outline just precisely what it is that makes them dislike the organization. That's far more helpful to me in attempting to understand your position.
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I'll amend the OP and say that I hate LUV for me. I also hate what they did to US (while respecting them for being able to do so). I don't hate the airline or the people. That said, you'll find me behind the wheel of a car or on the train before you find me on one of their planes. But that's about me, not them.

I'd go on except I believe CluebyFour's comments were absolutely perfect. I could not possibly agree more.
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WN raised it's standing in my book recently. I had to change my US and WN ticket 3 times over the last 2 weeks because my customer was having issues. US charged the $100 change fee each time and collected any additional airfare. So my relatively Low airfare now became an extremely High airfare. WN didn't charge me any change fee and only 1 additional collection because the fare bucket changed only 1 time. Not like on US where it changes daily.

WN is no better or worse than any other airline out there. They get you from point A to point B.

Now with that being said. It's the Bubba and Mudda and their little Klampets that do get on my nerves on WN. Sounds elitist didn't it?! Oh well.

It's transportation to work and home. Nothing more.
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My experience on Southwest has been limited - they do not fly anywhere close to me. But I think ClueByFour hit the nail on the head about it being about expectations.

I didn't enjoy my experience on Southwest at all - It felt like I was being herded into a slaughterhouse. But, you know, it was dirt cheap. If they flew closer to me, I can't say I wouldn't fly them more.

What worries me is that their model is incredibly profitable, and everytime I fly on another RJ on US, I see that it is the direction that airtravel is headed, at least domestically. It's disappointing. Call me cheesy, but I still think flying is something special. It's more than riding a bus. At least for now.
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What one pays is what one gets. If you like to fly with the Greyhound bus crowd, then kudos to SWA.
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