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Originally Posted by kreeft
FYI, US just announced GoFares to Knoxville. That'll make visiting the family easier. Just hope they don't find out, and have them expect me to visit every month!

I'm so happy to hear that. I love a competitive fare system. And we haven't seen it here since Air Tran left the market. DL just bullies the other carriers around and gives the airport ultimatums. They actually threatened to cut flights and pull out all jet service if a dominant LCC came into the market. But they're really not trying to compete with I. Maybe they don't take them seriously, but only UA and now US are trying to match them. I've not seen anybody matching the $54/each way that I has right now. But the 2 are the closest.

According to today's USA Today, US wants to restructure just like Southwest. They're talking to everybody about pay cuts. But the employees must really want to keep their jobs (unlike the DL pilots) because they're seriously considering them.


I just checked the Go fares. $99 each way isn't THAT low. You can get that from coast to coast. I is $69 each way, as is UA. I'm very disappointed with these so called low fares so I guess it's still UA for me.

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Originally Posted by chicaloca453
The most valuable asset US has is its presence at DCA and the shuttle. Both UA and AA covet the shuttle and DCA gates (AA especially since UA has the IAD fallback). AA has virtually no DC presence because both is hubs are in the middle of the country. They would love to have a DC presence, especially with a shuttle.

Since it is the most liquid of the airline's assets, could see it going first. DCA, since its the most valuable, will probably be what goes first. They have to unload what people will take, and that is why I envision Charlotte to be safe, especially in the first round of cuts.

One of us is missing something. The first round of cuts was last year. The pilot unions report didnt really discuss cuts as I understand it. It discussed liquidation. In other words shutting down all operations everywhere and selling things like the shuttle routes. CLT doesnt keep operating as a US hub under that scenario. It is totally shut down.
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Originally Posted by chicaloca453
Personally, I hate Delta. I did see an article in today's USA Today. If what it says is correct, Delta is going to eliminate some non-profitable routes and focus on the ones that are true money makers. For them, that's the international fleet. That could leave some holes open for US to slide into.
Join the club! Actually, I think Delta's gotten alot better since the beginning of this year. At least they give free upgrades (unlike United and American). But I'd much rather fly through Charlotte than Atlanta, any day!

Originally Posted by chicaloca453
US is gaining favor by slowly trying to eliminate the turbo props. Before, I'd take a flight through ORD (even to go to LGA) to avoid the prop. A flight to CLT is much easier for me, and now that they have RJ service, it is a viable option. So at least US is trying to gain or maintain favor in its markets.
I love the turboprops! They are 99% on time, unless there is really bad weather (in which case they may be cancelled). Of course those planes are always empty, so you are probably right that they won't last long.

I like Northwest, I wouldn't mind at all if they had a stronger SE presence..

There is something on Nightly Business Report right now about the airlines, and they are putting Delta, United, and USAir all in the same boat of the "troubled airlines"..

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