Who is new Prince of Pain--King of GOM?

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51 segs 107K. Thanks to Visa 2x and 46K of GOM carryover I sneak by for another year at the top. However, due to job changes, I think I will have very little opportunity to take advantage of the status.
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Just made it...101,000 tier miles. 11K were carryover. So 90,000 '03 miles in 46 segments turns out to be 1,956 mi/segment.
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Wrapped up the year with 15,000 miles. Period. New job, new baby, no travel required. Home every night with the little one. I'm not complaining one bit.....

I'll just have to preserve the 250K points in the account so we (the family) can use them for some nice vacations down the road. I think I just need to do activity every 3 years, which is doable.
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Made CP again.....1011 miles per segment (subtracting out 2002 carry over)
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PHL - youre not trying! We have a little one and bring him along - much to the initial consternation of others in F. But he loves flying and just looks out the window the whole time - its the drunken idiots who cause all the fuss.

Little one should easily make SP next year when we need to start buying him tix.

Anyway, I dont have any more trips planned, and finished with 75,070 on 34 segments (2208 avg). Yes, I did mostly transcons and transatlantic. That hop to Atlanta last week killed me ;-)

Btw - only one leg of that was in coach (if you dont count the ERJ to Atlanta) - we stood by on an earlier flight from PHL-PIT on the way back from Europe.
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Still a couple of weeks to go, but so far:

Real, actual miles: 105,033 miles in 52 Segments = 2,020 per segment. Mostly in 2,136 LAX-PIT chunks

Reported miles, with carryover - what the heck, are they going to penalize me now...

516,489 miles in 52 segments = 9,932 per segment

A slow year, US-wise, althought I did pick up 50 UA and AA segments getting to TUL.
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59,600 or so on 26 segs (BIS). 2293/seg. Much of that came in PHL-LGW and PHL-AMS chunks. Might see one or two more flights, but the average will be the same.

Unfortunately, my carryover is not going to push me over to CP again next year. However, since I don't live in PIT anymore, it's not the end of the world.

Don't feed the trolls.
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Still only making GP this year, but have 31078 preferred mile on 61 segments for 509 miles/segment (including the 500 mi minimum per segment). Vast majority of segments were below 500 mi, so I would have to examine entire year's worth of statements to get ACTUAL average segment length. Longest segment was probably BOS-CLT. Does not include 3 mileage award trips this year, the longest of which was RDU-PIT-SEA roundtrip.

I DID manage to schedule the vast majority of these flights on mainline aircraft and burned e-upgrades for 1st (even on the RDU-CLT segments), so it not QUITE as painful as it looks. I'm just glad I didn't try to "save" any of the e-upgrade certificates - it looks like I'll never "run out" of them now.

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In memoriam
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Inspired to read the US board by a chance
meeting with ianbtv on BWI-PHL yesterday -

Not down to rtpflyer's standards, but as my
longhaul flying is done on other carriers,
there's significant pain lurking in my stats:

76 segs: 26 shuttle, 27 mainline, 21 DH8, 1 J41, 1 ERJ

54876 credited status miles (43763 not
counting promotional miles); 22729 flown miles

Longest segment, PHX-PHL (2075 x 1);
shortest, PHL-BWI (91 x 12).
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17,442 preferred miles
30 segments

581 miles per segment -- so barely above the minimum. I think I flew 4 flights all year on anything bigger than a RJ -- a few flights PIT-CLT and PIT-PHL when I had to take the connection to ORF or PHF.

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I will finish the year with 52,337 miles and 42 segments. That puts me at a middle of the road 1246 miles/seg. Well, I guess I'm not a prince, nor a king. I'm sure my girlfriend would prefer if I wasn't a queen either...

Edited for spelling.

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I'm a lightweight. 54,290 on 32 segments. 1,696 miles/segment, which isn't too painful.
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I ended the year of travel this past week.

YTD Preferred Miles = 63,201
YTD Preferred Segments = 115

Avg Miles Per Segment = 549.57

CP Again for seven years running.

US-CP; UA PE; AA Plat; Hilton Gold VIP; Six Continents Gold
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131,904 miles on 101 segments...more like 105,000 sans bonii. Hoping and praying for more double preferred mile promotions next year!

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Before US canned the Beechcraft from PHL, I used to connect to RDG weekly. Now that's painful.

77845 Miles
131 Segments
594 miles per segment.

Seeing that RDG-PHL is about 50 miles my number includes LOTS of 500 minimums. I figured it to be about 30 segments on that flight......that brings me down to 491/Segment!!!! HOW PAINFUL!!!
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