Kiosk check-in bonus posting

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Kiosk check-in bonus posting

I checked in on Sept. 25. When should I expect the 1,000 miles to post? Will I get any miles for checking in on Sept. 28th, too? Also, what if I chose to get QF miles instead of US on the flights - will the kiosk bonus still happen? Thanks in advance for putting up with so many questions!

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Don't know about the QF part, but my kiosk miles usually post days later than the flight miles. You get 1000 miles the first time you use the kiosk and 50 miles per each use after that.
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You can earn the 50 mile bonus an unlimited number of times until the kiosk promotion ends, so both your outbound and return check ins will give you a bonus. As noted, it does take some time (usually at least a couple of weeks) for the kiosk bonus to apply. I am curious from a systems perspective exactly why there is delay, and what back office function triggers the 50 mile kiosk bonus after the flights credit. Perhaps some kind of e-ticket reconciliation? Your e-ticket history will show what agent checked you in. For example, it might say:
ko1/DCA which means kiosk 1 at Washington National airport checked you in. KO and a number indicates the kiosk. If it is a real person it might look like:
xxx/DCA or x8I/DCA etc...the first three alpha numeric characters probably refer to the Sabre sine of the agent. Similarly when you look at your e-ticket receipt either paper or online, it shows the sine of who issued it. For example, XTM/WAI. XTM is centralized ticket by mail, and there may be some automated sines in XTM I'm not sure that all of them refer to specific agents.
So getting back to the point maybe there is a back office program that looks for the KO on the sine of the check in for each segment in order to post the kiosk credit. Also curious if DM is in Sabre, or what platform they manage that on, etc.
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