Who post here on US Airways

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Hi, my name is Travis and I'm an HP refugee

Seriously, I'm a 22-year-old public relations rep and college student from the San Francisco Bay Area. I work for a professional sports car racing team based in Indianapolis - meaning I fly all over the country during the racing season following the team from Phoenix to Columbus to Orlando to Elmira, N.Y.

Before last week, I hadn't flown US Airways in nearly 20 years - since the PSA merger turned into Engulf, Devour and Bail Out. But being as I enjoy AWA's service and am hopeful that better things will come, I've switched my FF loyalty to the New US Airways (tm). So far, I've been unimpressed with the onboard service (not so much as a frickin' bag of pretzels on a five-hour LAX-PHL A321 red-eye?) but extremely impressed by the reservation, gate and on-board employees.

Plus, given that I don't fly enough to be a "superubermegaelite" (Maybe 50,000 BIS miles next year), the chance of free upgrades even for us lowly Silvers is an attraction. I'm one-for-one on HP metal so far...

Oh yeah, and delays in PHL suck
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I work in Nuclear Medicine, and live in Central PA. I prefer to fly out of our local puddle jumper airport IPT, but will settle for MDT.
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Hi, I am DC FLYERBOY and like many on this thread, my home base is DCA.

I am 27 years old and work as a consultant for one of the largest IT / Management consulting firms in the world. I travel mainly for work, mostly back and forth between DCA and LGA - but I do get up and down the east coast frequently. I have only been traveling frequently on USAir since Feb 05 (52 segments) and I managed to take a challenge to qualify for Gold through only 48 segments. I am concerned that I will be screwed by this new scheme and will try like hell to qualify by Feb 06 for CP. Any FT forumers, please say hi..I am usually in FC on US 2160 (DCA to LGA) Mondays at 7am. Just shout out DC FLYERBOY and I will gladly wink back at you.

The best USAir deal and story I have revolve around the same flight. I was able over the summer to book a fare from DCA to FLL for $98, by far the cheapest RT ticket I have ever purchased. Miami was great, albeit the weather was swelteringly humid. On the return date, thunderstorms on the east coast cause the usual plane backlog and my flight was 2 hours late departing. While approaching DCA, there was a major holding pattern around DCA, so we circled Richmond for about an hour. As we were about to land at DCA (the landing gear was down and you could see the Pentagon on your right), a giant lighting bolt lit up the sky. Immediately the pilot pulled back up and many of us were left wondering what on earth was going on. At this point it was midnight and our flight had originally been scheduled to land around 9ish. The pilot got on the speaker and annouced that due to lightning, the plane couldn't land at this point and it was most likely that we would fly back to Richmond to refuel! Amongst the groans throughout the cabin, I mumbled to myself.."why don't we just land at Dulles??" Coincidentally, the pilot came back on an announced just that. So, we turned around and made the 5 min flight to Dulles. When we landed at Dulles, we soon found out that we were stuck in the plane, people could not depart as IAD was not our arriving destination. What happened in the next hour was absolutely amazing! A bunch of teenage girls tried to stage a mutiny by trying to take a survey of those who wanted to get off immediately (could they be prosecuted by the Patriot Act, I wondered?) It failed miserably, we waited for an hour, then took off again for a brief 3.5 min flight to DCA. Needless to say, I was relieved when we got back finally at 2:30 am! However, I did write a letter and call the Gold DivDend miles team and asked if I could get credit for the 2 segments on that leg..FLL-->IAD-->DCA. Haha
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My name is Henry. I live in Spartanburg, SC and fly out of GSP or CLT. Im a student, and a student pilot. My major will be airline operations/aviation business, graduating from Jacksonville University. I am a uscockroach, dividend miles signature card holder, and I like to talk about the more controversial side of flying. Also, I will defend my beloved airline whatever it takes, whatever the cost, no matter what. period.

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Troy here. In the United States Navy for 14 years now. Was stationed in Rota, Spain and living in Barcelona, Spain from Dec 2002 until June 30, 2005. Was traveling back and forth monthly to the USA. During my time in Barcelona I also had a second home in Alexandria, VA which is now where I am living. I can't talk about my job too much but I work on computers/communications in the US Navy at the Naval Annex and the Pentagon.

When the govt flies me places I choose US Airways. If the fare is higher I pay the difference if the govt does not want to cover it (as long as it is not too much). Home airport is DCA. I wear my cockroach pin proud
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@:-) Born in ICN(Seoul, South Korea) and now living in BOS. Poor grad student at rich HAHVAHD, studying pharmacology. Not even close to prefered status ever, but recently became a recipient of scientific scholarship (read : conferences in PEK and HNL - yoohoo!).

Expect to hit Gold the first in lifetime(read : 'uh-oh, 50% mileage bonus will be gone even before I enjoy it?' ).

... Well, KE and OZ doesn't even have a term named 'bonus mileage'.

DM is the first and the only us-based FFP which I have more than 3- figure balance .

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Was on vacation with my husband (flying US, of course) and read the entire thread today!

I'm a 50ish Procurement Manager for a major US service company headquartered in PHL. 90% of my miles are for personal/vacation travel. Started my long history at US with Allegheny Airlines (!) in my youth, but never signed up for FF program until my mother was seriously ill in Florida in 1996 and I was travelling back and forth every other month to see her.

I've been SP since '97 with a lot of those miles coming from trips on US to Europe. We fly 4-5 times a year, virturally always on US, and manage Space Available upgrades about 50% of the time. We live half-way between PHL and EWR and occasionally fly other airlines out of EWR.

FlyerTalk has provided me with excellent information since I logged on. Now I'll continue reading the rest of the thread to see if I'll be able to attend RoachFest this year. Thanks for everything!
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Roachfest, ooops...

Just realized that it was past RoachFests that were mentioned on this long, long thread. Just curious, is one being considered in the future?
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I'm a software development manager flying out of Roanoke, VA (ROA). I started flying regularly back in the Piedmont days (I still miss them) and mainly flew with them (and then US) as they were the only airline with "real" jet service out of ROA (sadly those days are gone now too). I first earned SP status back about ten years ago when I was working with a computer networking tradeshow with regular trips to SFO and LAS and have been silver or gold ever since (though more and more from personal traveling as the business travel has scaled back).

I just got back from spending a bunch of FF miles going to Bangkok and Tokyo in first with my partner on Thai and ANA. Besides being a awesome, fun trip, it was also a great deal in terms of ticket-dollar-value per ff mile.
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What a flyer's biography!

I am so glad this thread was resurrected! I'm a Newbie with a few posts - mostly questions -under my belt. I'm an RN with 25 years as an OB nurse and a "new" career as a School Nurse the last 5 yrs. Going to retire in 4 yrs. Married to the same guy for 30 yrs - met when I was a Reserve Woman Marine and he a Navy Corpsman during the Vietnam years. Have lived JFK flight path for 20 yrs, Bennington Vt, Livingston, MT, Dubuque, IA, south of Utica, NY and finally, outside of BUF. Hubby's School Superintendent and retired Navy Reserve w/30+. He traveled back and forth to DCA while at BuMed, but it's all pleasure now. Got that Signature card racking up the miles, but no status. - might get SP through a backdoor NW promo. I have convinced him that the next time a great fare from BUF or PIT shows up we're going to try a mini run. I have learned so much from this forum in the short time I've been lurking, I can't thank you all enough for the great info.

BigLar - Do you still do 5 hours each way to work? On 90 or thru Canada. If 90, you can always stop in for coffee - I'm right off an exit.
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Originally Posted by StSebastian
Mid-twenties software programmer with an extremely flexible job that allows me to take last minute cheap fares to wherever. Like to travel to anywhere I haven't been before and sometimes take other people along. Made 7 trips to Europe and 1 to South America (UA codeshare) in the last three years, but only when it's relatively cheap. No substantial travel for work -- all of it on my own dime, so value is of great importance. SP last year, GP this year, and probably GP again this year depending on how much I fly this fall. It's always amusing for me to be the little guy with a hiking backpack that gets on the plane and goes up to sit in F.

Boyfriend is a laid-off employee of another airline, so he still gets the free flight privleges on that airline. If he loses that I'll probably convert him over to be a US FF so he can tag along with me and use my upgrades.

If they change the plans such that I don't enjoy it anymore, I can quit tomorrow and US won't be getting any more of my business, but I'm probably responsible for getting 5-7 additional people to fly US when they go places, some of which are full Y fares.
Updated for a little over two years later...

Late 20's, same job. Made it to CP on the triple status miles DM Visa promotion and haven't flown much on US since. Won't even qualify for SP with rollover if they don't do a "soft landing". Switched some flights to NW for a while and most recently have been working more and have less time to fly for fun. FF plans have changed and my priorities have changed some so that I don't see the status as that much extra anymore. It's been fun for a few years but right now I'm taking a break and flying a lot less. I still end up as the resource for people trying to figure out a trip somewhere and just sent some people on US to STT for a vacation.
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Great thread!
I'm a mid-twenties married healthcare process and IT consultant, a pilot and a techy. I live in Richmond VA but my company is based north of Atlanta GA. I work at home about 2 weeks a month and am at customers or in Atlanta the other two weeks. My company has rather strict travel policies but I've managed to circumvent a few of them. Delta is our preferred carrier and for the first year in this job I flew Delta. After DL moved to a cost based frequent flyer program I moved to US. I had flown pediment and US growing and for some reason I had a bit of a tie. I really haven't looked back! Despite the lack of glass in FC, I feel like the FC product is pretty solid. What really stands out (and I've flown UA, DL and even some CO on business and everything in between on personal trips) is the customer service.

I have to admit I have a lot of fears about the merger. I doubt I'll keep CP and GP isn't looking as attractive as it used to be. Due to a special project I'll be spending a lot of time on RJs and Dash 8s. I'm thinking about moving my earnings to UA for those flights and only using US on upgradable flights. I'm going to give it some time and see what unfolds.

My wife and I try and take a trip abroad at least once a year. We are just about to take our first trip to Europe in Envoy and looking forward to it (going to Ireland and N. Ireland). She'll also join me for a weekend stay-over a few times a year. So on average we burn about 100k a year. Since I've gained status I also try and purchase tickets for pleasure on US for the chance of FC- often that comes at greater cost or more segments. We go to Vail or Aspen a few times a year which is usually 3 segments from RIC. I have to admit, as a GP I didn't have as much luck with companion upgrades as I'd have liked, looking forward to traveling as a CP.

Thats enough rambling about me. One last note: I can safely say that this forum in particular has been invaluable to me- thanks to everyone!

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I'm a mid 40s supervisor at a German Mayor Public Office.
Going transatlantic 3 - 5 times a year, not married, no kids.
Most of my travel is leisure. Most frequent flights FRA to STL.
Thanks the great tips I get here on FT, I mad Silver last year,
Gold this year and on the way to CP with a upcoming Trip.
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30 something, SWM, based in Washington and fly from DCA almost exclusively. I work in philantrhopy for a New York based consulting firm. I'm leading a 2-year capital and endowment fundraising campaign for a large association in the District. Lucky me that this place has 300 offices all over North America. Oy! Where's my CP challenge?!

I also have my commercial pilots tix, too. The view from my office in DC isn't half as nice as the flightdeck.

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I am mid 40's. Travel for my "main" job 6-8 times a year, and for my private business, which I operate as a professional grant writer 4-6 times a year. Most out of PHL. Ideally I try to use US or Delta, (someatimes able to return to ACY which is more convenient, although limited Delta service). Very helpful info on FT for my "small" number of yearly flights.
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