GOM = ?

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GOM = ?

OK, I'm not as obsessed with the minutiae of USAir's operation as many of the people on this board apparently are. I just fly them, get my miles, use my upgrades, etc. They get me from point A to point B more or less on time, and if I pick up a few perks along the way, hooray for me.

In a number of threads, people mention GOM miles ("Getting Out More"?). I seem to remember the promotion, but I was grounded for most of 2002.

Anyhow, they seem to treat these miles as something to be kept secret lest their status be revoked or something. Can someone explain what the problem with these miles is?
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This was a special deal that apparently was not offered to everybody. My business travel companion, who is on the same # of flights as I am and is a CP as well, did not receive the offer. Since I did get the offer, I shared it with him and a couple others who were able to sign up with no problem. For some reason, it was not offered on the website. Don't know why. I liked it because it allowed me to hit CP a few weeks earlier and anything over 100 segments or 100,000 miles counts towards next year's levels. Sorry you didn't get the offer. I wish I knew why US did this type of thing.
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Hmmmm. I just ran into a CP in the CLT Club and he mentioned that he had 199 segs, and he implied that a standard bennie of CP was that any segs over 100 (or miles over 100K) would be rolled over into next year. He had CP locked up for the next year already and he was pretty happy.

I thought that was a neat perk for CP, but your post seems to indicate this is not true.

This is getting complicateder and complicateder. Not only is the pricing structure incomprehensible, so are the deals. Some are generally available, some are "targetted" (for reasons no one seems to be able to figure out).

Oh well, so far they're still flying and I still get from A to B.
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US announced last year and this year that any segments over 100 and any miles over 100K would be counted towards status for next year. Therefore, some of the CPs on this board have already requalified for CP status during 2003 w/o flying US anymore if they wanted to do so.

US has apparently changed their software to only allow those targeted for the bonii to actually get it unlike the quintuple GOM codes.
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Since nobody has said it, the real issue with the GOM bonuses was that USAirways had several targeted versions (with promo codes) of the exact same offer, and people signed up for several (up to all 5?) of them. So a flight that usually would accrue only 500 preferred miles would instead accrue 3000 (500 + 5 GOM bonuses).

A bunch of people were getting CP on 2 flights when GOM was combined with some others. (Imagine a normal 5000 mile transcon R/T getting 30,000 from GOM alone, and then tack on some other bonuses as well). When people realized how lucrative it was, they tried not to talk about it too much on here.

Bottom line, USAirways screwed up in devising the promotion and not preventing all the multiple registrations. Then they (as usual) blamed the customers for abusing the system that they created.
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and US threatened to audit accounts and remove all those extra GOM miles...hence the desire to keep quiet! And I think I must be the only one to get miles removed, although not the GOM (I hadn't registered multiple times), but Philly's Wings...
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