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The following is a link to the priority lanes page on the US Airways website.


DCA.................C (Sometimes open)
LAX.................1 (Only for club members)
PIT..................Security for all terminals is consolidated

Philadelphia is not listed on the website, but some FTers have noted that it is sometimes open.
PHL.................B/C (when they feel like it)
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LAX is not only for club members. I have used the preferred line always when I go through LAX by showing my boarding pass and or preferred card. They have let me go through without a hitch.

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Yep, a day late. By now you probably have your own answer.

10-Nov about 11:00 AM they had a preferred line in C.

As you know, it's not an exact science

Originally Posted by dukeman
Bumping this thread for anyone travelling tomorrow (Sunday November 27). Please let us know if there is preferred security at PHL? I'm flying Monday morning.....
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Thumbs down PHL Madness, Terminal B Preferred line

This morning I had an 8am flight out of PHL. As a new US2 I intended to use the Preferred check in line since I knew PHL would be a madhouse. My PHL-PIT flight was leaving from Terminal B (gate 15 at the verrrrry end) and the security line was back almost to the baggage claim. There was a sign for "Dividend Preferred/First Class" however the gigantic line was lined up behind it and there were no TSA people manning that line where you were supposed to enter.

What would you all do in this situation? Obviously the 500 people dumping into the preferred security line were not actually first class or preferred. When I asked another TSA person she just pointed and pretty much said good luck. I ended up getting in a new line they opened up and she just passed me through, however I would have been ticked off waiting in line for 45 minutes and missing my flight. Just curious what the etiquette in that situation would be.
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Originally Posted by dukeman
Bumping this thread for anyone travelling tomorrow (Sunday November 27). Please let us know if there is preferred security at PHL? I'm flying Monday morning.....

After the mayhem last year on the Monday after Thanksgiving, I arrived at PHL at 7am for my 9:30am flight. When we pulled in to the airport the security line at B was all the way to the garage..... I walked to C and the line was short. It only took 10 minutes to get through security.... I think the traffic was so backed up from the A to B terminal that everyone got out of the vehicles they were riding in and immediately went to B and that kept the line at C short, although the line did get longer at C while I was waiting to go through.... TSA was as efficient as I've seen them.... they had enough people working at C and all lines were open. No preferred line though...
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?? I got to PHL about 6:30-6:45 am, and there was a preferred line at Terminal C, but it was moving so slowly (only one WTMD for it) that I went to the slightly longer but faster moving regular line, and I think I got through faster than I would have otherwise.

B wasn't too bad at that point, and D looked like it might have been deserted (?), but I didn't want to risk D because I think the only have 2 stations there and I hate waiting for a line of any length there. Or have they put in more stations there yet?
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What times, exactly, are the "peak travel times", as mentioned at http://usairways.com/travel/airport/ in the "Check-In" segment for PHL?
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Does having the usair credit card give you priority access to security?
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The sign for First and Preferred is up down at the end near the ID checkers, but neither looked up at all at any time as we waited and tried to catch their attention to open it up and let us in.

When we got up to them and asked why they did not open the tape, one of them said "I don't do that. Everybody is equal." So why do they have the sign?

Actually, IMO MWAA is the most incompetent and inconsiderate airport operating agency in the country. They have bred in the airport employees and also most of the contract workers a culture of poor service that pervades both of their locations. The MWAA employees mostly give the impression that you should be happy that they are there at all and they generally do nothing at all to help anybody.

Check out the old woman with the heavy suitcase trying to get it onto the rental car bus. Most of the time the drivers are just irritated that they are being delayed by this incompetent. Contrast that with the rental shuttle bus drivers at FLL who run to help everybody and make sure all are comfortably situated. MWAA sure has a lot to learn about what is involved with running an airport over and above publishing a smart-looking glossy magazine.
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I was told there was no Elite/Club member line at LAX

I flew to FCO via PHL on Thanksgiving day. I asked about the short line thru the club. They said the club wasn't open and there was no short line for club members or elite. (I am UA 1K). The previous person was told the same thing. The TA chewed me out for showing up 1 hr before the flight. (I am used to going thru security at AA & UA in minutes using their elite lines).

Anyway, I made it thru the regular line in 10 minutes and had lots of time before my full flight to PHL went out.

Bottom line: The TA may not wanted to work on Turkey day. Anyway, no big deal as I made my flight in plenty of time.
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The 'sometimes' prefered security line at PHL is a joke. Sometimes it is there and sometimes it is faster than the regular line, othertimes it isn't. It is never reliable enough to count on saving any time so you need to get to the airport early anyway. If they could commit to dedicated times where they would have a prefered line then it would be of value. Until PHL gets added to the paid fast track security program the only 'expedited' security line is the F terminal to shuttle routine.
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