GrandSlam 2011 Combined Guide and FAQ

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GrandSlam 2011 Combined Guide and FAQ

Ok all,

So this is the first grand slam I am really going after, and for that reason - I have had a lot to learn. Because there were so many questions I had, I started reading There are so many threads and so many posts in each thread all with great information, that it is hard to read it all and figure out what you are going to do.

For that reason I created this guide - I am going to be combining all of the information I can find into this thread. Questions that I have not yet figured out will be listed here and updated as people answer them or I find the answer in the forums.

First you need to register at:

Second download the latest version of the tracking spreadsheet:

Earning Hits:


E-Miles (

1. Enroll as an e-Miles Member: You may...
--accept an e-Miles enrollment invitation (FROM US AIRWAYS ONLY!!!), or
--respond through an e-Miles Member referral, or
--visit the website: and just sign up out of the blue (select US Airways as your partner)
2. Complete Enrollment Profile: More information here usually means more offers to view 
3. Receive e-Miles earning opportunity: you receive notices via e-mail. 
4. Complete e-Miles earning opportunity: View your marketing messages and answer a few questions.
5. Get your miles: Once you have 500 miles, REQUEST a deposit into your US Airways DM account.
6. Wait for the miles to post and the Grand Slam hit to be awarded
E-rewards (
1. Enroll as an E-Rewards member: There are two important conditions
--(a) You must be REFERRED by a company to sign up to an E-Rewards program
(i.e. you can’t just signup out of the blue)
--(b) The program to which you are referred must include US Airways as a sponsor
Your referral will be via an e-mail invitation asking if you would like to join E-Rewards. If the referral is from US Airways… you are good to go! If it is from, say, Emirates or Hilton, you need to see who all the partners are for that particular E-Rewards program. Since you want GS hits, you need to sign up for a “program” that includes US Airways as a partner.
2. Complete enrollment profiles: 
--These are a bit more involved than for E-Miles
--The more profiles you answer, the greater the chance of them sending you a survey invite (below)
3. Receive E-Reward Survey Invitations: you will get these via e-mail.
4. Complete the surveys: Each survey earns a certain amount of E-Rewards “currency”.
5. Get your Miles: Once you have earned $25 in “currency” you can redeem this for 500 Dividend Miles.
6. Wait for the miles to post and the Grand Slam hit to be awarded
Magazines for Miles
An unusual option, in that it involves spending miles instead of earning them. Inexpensive subscriptions can be had for as low as 400 miles for
Cigar Aficionado

Offers vary over time, and some low-cost options may sell out quickly, so it is best to order early in the Grand Slam

Do not confuse this partner with the similar-sounding "Magazine Mileage Awards." which involves paying cash for magazine subscriptions and receiving a small (200-600) miles bonus. There are no indications that activity with this partner will qualify as a GS hit.
Cheap Stuff to Buy (<30$)

Thanks Again
1. Click the link above and register.
2. Go to and sign in.
3. Go to and click on
4. Pick a random restaurant and buy a 5$ gift certificate - you may want to google for a promo code, but I just paid the 5$
Dividend Miles Dining

Register, eat, get miles - Feel free to ask my any questions and I will keep it updated, but this one is pretty simple.
Earn 3 miles/dollar. Inexpensive items include:
9v battery [search for "9v alkaline"] - $0.99; buy two if you're concerned about a sub-$1 purchase
Extra Joist Finding Screw [part of Squeaky Floor Repair Kit; search for "joist"] - $2.19
Slip-on Adaptor Plug - $2.85
Flag Storage Bag - $2.95
Race Deck Modular Shop Floor Tile - $3.50
Alkaline Batteries Pk/4 [search for "alkaline"] - $3.99
Sink Overflow & Drain Brush - $3.99
Add $7.25 for shipping.

I have removed direct links to these items because you must go through the US website (link directly above) to be prompted for your DM number and receive proper credit.

To search for site-wide cheap items, enter "*" in the search box. (h/t HikerT) Free items -- pools DVD, Kenzie-cover masks -- will not generate miles or a hit.

IMPORTANT: On the final order payment page, the "SUBMIT" button is at the bottom of the page. Most of it is hidden by the US DM promo T&C, but you can click on the sliver visible just above.
Super Shuttle
This one is pretty simple, I actually had a trip coming up and used the shuttle so we will see how it goes - might be my new way of getting to the airport. 

I THINK there is a space for the dividend mile number on the checkout page - would love someone to confirm

250 miles, plus 1 miles/dollar. Shipping is a flat $5/order. 

Inexpensive options include:
Anna's Cookies assortment - $8.47

sub 50$


Credit Cards

Car Rentals

Hotel Stays

Points Transfers


I am going to keep working on this as I get time, the goal is to build a single large guide that explains step by step what to do for each combining the best information from all of the threads. Consider this line my plead for help and thanks for all of the amazing information I have stolen from threads and all of the information I will be stealing. If you want to help, just reply with the information you think should be added!
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