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LAX 1K Sep 23, 01 7:23 pm

UA Flights amazingly Inconvenient
I am amazed at checking some of my future flights, that United has decided to kill some late night feeder flights from the West Coast.

As of now, there are no late flights getting into MSP from Denver. This is now forcing a 3pm departure instead of a 5pm. I believe the latest connection out of the west coast is via Delta (amazingly). Even Northwest are not flying flights late out of SNA/ONT/LAX.

A side note, ONT seems to becoming an afterthought for UA. The only flight between ONT-DEN is a 6:33am. Do not know if United will stay there besides United Express... or maybe one Chicago and Denver flight.

Amazing how the mighty is falling...

dshafiee Sep 23, 01 7:47 pm

PDX has lost alot of flights as well. However, I think once everyone starts flying again, the frequency will pick up. I am flying PDX-ORD-IND-DEN-PDX this week, and FC is booked only booked at 5 of 12 on an A320 (PDX-ORD). The earlier 757 is booked 9 of 24. In fact on Friday, IND-DEN only has me and my collegue in First 2 of 12.

I guess u/g will be easier for the short term!

avgas Sep 23, 01 7:48 pm

Perhaps the 'mighty' is FIRST just trying to stay solvent?

Better that, than a Midway or an Ansett surely? They are cutting their cloth to suit the loads, which are light right now in case folks did not notice. Let's all fly as much as we can so loads and confidence picks up, as will profits and jobs. I have about 65,000 of paid UA metal miles booked before year end. Yes, they changed a lot of schedules over the weekend, but I can live with that.

basenji Sep 23, 01 8:10 pm


Loads on the late-night flights, especially the 10PM bank from DEN to the west coast, and the 915PM bank from ORD westward have been extremely light. Even this past summer, unless there were irregular operations earlier in the day (creating a backlog),or a Friday or Sunday evening, the loads were very light. I worked some of the late DEN-SEA flights this past summer and I was continually amazed about how few passengers there were, compared to other summers.

When I talked with someone in aircraft scheduling, it was verified that these banks of flights have been extremely poor performers compared with years past. There was already talk weeks before the 9-11 disaster of pulling many of these flights down...

As all the carriers are losing vast quantities of money, you have to cut capacity where the demand is low.

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LAX 1K Sep 24, 01 12:35 am


Thank you! I appreciate your insight and help with this. I guess my main focus is on spending as much time at home before I need to be at work... So it affects me there.

But I understand the airlines have to do what they need to do... as I may have to also... Flying Delta and getting 2 more hours at home may be worth it... but we will see how the first 2 flights pan out

I do prefer flying United when I can!!

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