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I would love if easyupdate could notify when boarding begins

I would love if easyupdate could notify when boarding begins

Old Mar 5, 09, 5:10 pm
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I would love if easyupdate could notify when boarding begins

I like that I get a text for delayed flights. But what would really be helpful would be a text/ email when boarding begins.

For those times I'm sitting in the RCC or getting a snack or buying a paper.... it would really be great!
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Old Mar 5, 09, 5:20 pm
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Originally Posted by zrs70 View Post
what would really be helpful would be a text/ email when boarding begins.
Knowing EZ-Update, you'd get the notice about 2 hours after departure.
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Old Mar 5, 09, 5:33 pm
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Originally Posted by mahasamatman View Post
Knowing EZ-Update, you'd get the notice about 2 hours after departure.
So are you afraid of the resulting FT threads? "Flight left without me because EZ-Update didn't arrive in time"?
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Old Mar 5, 09, 5:38 pm
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Originally Posted by mahasamatman View Post
Knowing EZ-Update, you'd get the notice about 2 hours after departure.
along with the incorrect gate information...
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Old Mar 5, 09, 5:39 pm
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Wirelessly posted (HTC-P4600/1.2 Opera/9.50 (Windows NT 5.1; U; en))

what about all the people who say "ez update said we were boarding so i left the RCC and boarding didn't begin for 30 minutes"
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Old Mar 5, 09, 5:50 pm
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As nice as it sounds, it is a travesty in the making.
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Old Mar 5, 09, 6:23 pm
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[Jerry Seinfeld]Oh, this oughta be good.[/Jerry Seinfeld]
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Old Mar 5, 09, 7:12 pm
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Have to agree.
Some time ago EUpdate had become so problematic--phone messages arrving weeks after various flights had departed and itins completed--that I just cancelled the (mis)service.
Anyone know if any other carrier offers boarding info to a PDA/phone/electronic device? Admittedly, that comparison may not be fruitful, but if NO-ONE else is doing it, that may be significant...
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Old Mar 5, 09, 8:26 pm
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I'd love it if EZ-Update just let me know when upgrades cleared!
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Old Mar 5, 09, 9:14 pm
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Can't rely on united.com either

A couple of weeks ago, my LAS-SFO flight was significantly delayed due to rain and low ceilings at SFO. Seeing it was going to be a long wait with multiple postponements of the ETD, I took up residence at one of the laptop stations at McCarran Airport (one of the only large airports with free Internet service outside of lounges) . . . about 3 gates down from my gate. I was out of earshot of the announcements from my gate, and out of "eyeshot" of departure monitors.

I was monitoring the flight status on united.com. About forty minutes before the most updated ETD, I headed for the gate . . . only to see they were doing the final boarding call, and they specifically called my name and two others. The gate agent gave me an evil "where have you been" look; I explained I was keeping tabs on the flight status via united.com, and she said, "Oh, you should never rely on that."
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Old Mar 5, 09, 11:36 pm
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It's not just EasyUpdate. Your cell carrier could have delays, too, especially on busy travel days and during irrops. I've had text messages delayed for 2 and 3 hours when the networks are busy.
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Old Mar 6, 09, 7:41 am
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The airline monitors should have the boarding information on them, it's stupid that they do not when there are delays. Even if it was just changing the color or blinking the flight or something.

Even one of those numbered boards like some restaurants have, where they light up the gate number (waiter/waitress number when food is ready) in the clubs they don't make announcements in would be a huge help, or a pager like you get when waiting at restaurants when your table is ready.
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Old Mar 6, 09, 8:04 am
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Last week's "Flyertalk 1" tour of ORD was very illuminating in this respect. During our tour of the Ops Center, we spoke with the guy who was actually responsible for updating the arrival/departure times of flights. In short, the process is manual. We saw a computer screen of flights and gates, where planes are supposed to be and when. When everything goes right, there's nothing for him to do...which is never. As soon as delays, even small ones, begin, the ripple effects have to be taken into account. This flight has a 10 minute ATC delay, which means the flight supposed to come in after it has to be given a different gate...but which one? Another plane has a mechanical delay, but there's no firm answer on how long, and in the meantime "the guy" is trying to shuffle around three other planes into optimal gates. So the mx plane sits at the gate past its departure time, and people grumble. But The Guy has bigger fish to fry, and in any case doesn't want to update the time until he knows something relatively firm. And then a delayed 747 comes in with loads of 1Ks to accommodate...how best to do this? And everything else gets put aside for a few minutes...

The point is that the system is "automatic" only insofar as it takes information that is provided by a human and propogates it throughout the various subsystems. I had always assumed this was completely automatic, but it's not, and to that extent there will always be lags and mistakes.

So, back to the OP, there's really no point IMO to sending an EasyUpdate message that boarding has begun. If everything is on schedule, you don't need it. If everything is not -- and the only way to know this is through the same human-guided systems described above -- then again, the only and best information you can have is the same EasyUpdate message announcing a delay. (FWIW, we were told that monitors at the airport and EU messages come from the same source...which has a 5 minutes or so delay from the instant a change is effected in the Ops Center.) In any case, as we all know, the EU system barely works under normal conditions. Adding several tens of thousands of additional messages a day certainly wouldn't improve its efficiency, right?
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Old Mar 6, 09, 9:11 am
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I've learned to take pretty much all departure time updates, whether by easyupdate, .bomb, etc. with a grain of salt and as guidance only. Ever since my girlfriend nearly missed the last departure of the night that was announced as delyed for 2 hours about 3 hours before scheduled departure, then ended up departing on time. Ironically, of course, usually if I'm sitting at the gate waiting for a flight that is about to be delayed, I know about it from easyupdate before GA's know.

It's a shame that UA even developed a "customer committment" article on sticking with a delayed departure time once announced as customers may leave the gate area. I have seen and heard about more examples then I care to count of this policy being non-existant in practice.
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Old Mar 6, 09, 9:15 am
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What's wrong with the screen that says "Boarding"?
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