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Consolidated Delayed/Cancelled UA International Flights [Master Thread]

Consolidated Delayed/Cancelled UA International Flights [Master Thread]

Old Jan 18, 10, 11:51 am
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Originally Posted by andrewk829 View Post
I'm a frequent traveler on UA 889/888.

That'll be interesting at PEK tomorrow to have two UA888s departing within the same hour. How do you post that on a departure board or announce it . . . "We are now beginning to board Monday's UA 888 . . . soon, we will board Tuesday's UA 888 at the next gate".

Also, is there any potential for ATC confusion if you have two 888's convoying across the Pacific in close proximity to each other?

Anyone on the Monday PEK-SFO flight . . . has UA been able to re-accommodate any, some, most, or all passengers?
Monday's 888 will probably get a 9XXX flight number for tuesday.
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Originally Posted by 2wheels View Post
Monday's 888 will probably get a 9XXX flight number for tuesday.
You are right. Monday's 888 is renamed as 888D today (Tuesday)
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Old Jan 21, 10, 1:14 pm
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Originally Posted by FriendlySkies View Post
The UA Cargo site is saying "Operations"...

SAN SFO 10:22 11:26 12:00 13:16 OPERATIONS
Strange. Some 30 mins in YVR. Would expect to return to SFO that short after dpt. Does anybody know what was going on?
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Old Jan 23, 10, 1:13 pm
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UA 903 Went Mechanical - the good, bad, etc.

Was on UA 903, MUC to IAD on 22 Jan.

After three hour delay (w/ no water or any other beverage service) it went mechanical and was cancelled, we were told that we'd have same seat assignments the next day, w/ check in open at 7:00 a.m. and departure at 9:00a.m. (it was probably the same plane, but given a new # - UA 9814)

GOOD: Put up a Kempinski hotel, 5 minute walk from the baggage claim, excellent rooms, nice buffet dinner. Free booze on the eventual flight.

BAD: Took from 2:00 p.m. (when flight cancelled) to 4:00 pm for our "Priority" bags to be unloaded.

Ugly: check in the next morning - not enuf folks doing checkin. My SO (same last name) ended up on a different flight, corrected at check in, but Boarding pass then issued w/ wrong name, causing a return to check in area (after passing thru first security screen) to get corrected boarding pass. Got on the plane after about two hours of high tension walking and waiting.

DO: If you see business folks reaching for their coat, start packing in Economy cause 15 minutes later they'll advise that the flight went mechanical. If you have cell phone access, and/or don't mind waiting lots of time on hold, call UA and try to get on one of the next flights.

DON'T expect any help from LH (senator lounge said they could do nothing and wait at LH service area was extensive as 75 people beat us to it). Original seat assignments were lost, so don't believe 'em when told that you'll have your original seats. Upgrades are only available at the gate, after running the gauntlet of multiple security screenings.

Puzzling: We had to pull all batteries from checked baggage in Zagreb, but the batteries caused much interest in MUC. We finally bagged the batteries in MUC and treated the battery bag like a computer - gave it its own separate scan, which seemed to help.

Nav. screen on until 15-20 minutes before landing. Seat belt sign on about 25 minutes before landing.

Happy travels!
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Why would you think LH would help you?
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Originally Posted by stanfordhokie View Post
Why would you think LH would help you?
They can take over the ticket in case of a IRROP becuase of their invovlement with *A.
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Originally Posted by ual744777sta View Post
They can take over the ticket in case of a IRROP becuase of their invovlement with *A.
You have experience with them voluntarily doing that?
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LH could have booked you on one of their flights but it would need a supervisor to do that. There is only one flight MUC-IAD and that is UA. They could have put you on LH to FRA and then catch the late FRA-IAD flight.
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Old Jan 23, 10, 5:40 pm
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So did you get the appropriate compensation?
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Originally Posted by felicidad76 View Post
I just noticed that UA 900 SFO-FRA is diverted to YYR, than it says cancelled, than on flightaware.com it says it is going to glasgow???
Does anyone know if it went technical?
And just three days later, UA900 SFO-FRA had an eight hour delay to fix the PA system. My mom, who is 81, missed her connection in Frankfurt and had to overnight at her expense to catch her onward flight to Croatia (which, though unfortunate, is fair, since they were separate tickets). The funny thing was that we went back and forth when booking and finally settled on UA instead of LH to try out the new seats in biz (she buys "Z" fares). There were major storms in SF that day but the LH flight ended up being eight minutes late and the UA flight was eight hours late. And of course, all the promises of having UA people available to help with distressed passengers, rebooking, etc were totally empty and she had to go the the LH transfer counter by herself. Why do UA flight crews say that there will be UA ground staff to help in FRA when there never are???

This is an aside, but LH is a very poor airline for irrops at their hubs since the gate staff are not empowered to do anything and you have to go to the transfer desk or the ticket counter (or, in some circumstances, the lounge). I remember a snowstorm in Munich where I waited hours in line to fix my ticket at the transfer desk while there were dozens of gate agents doing nothing because so many flights were cancelled. From my limited experience, it seems like at least US airlines allow you to work things out by phone or at the gate or in a variety of ways that doesn't just depend on a few stations handling hundreds or even thousands of distressed passengers.
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SFO->FRA on Jan 23 diverted to DUS

I was onUA900 SFO to FRA on 1/23. Upon decent into FRA the pilot announced we were diverting to DUS due to runways in FRA being shut down due to icy conditions. We sat on a remote parking spot in DUS for about 2 hours until we got refueled and FRA reopened.
The crew handled the situation extremely well – kept us informed about what was happening and drinks were served (at least in FC ).
Got into FRA 3 hours late (had to circle for 20 minutes on the way from DUS) and barely made my FRA->DEL flight only because everything @ FRA on 1/24 was delayed…
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Was on the same flight but in E+. We did not get anything served while we were in DUS. Missed my connection to HAM. Thankfully rushed to the LH lounge and got rebooked on the next flight but had to run as the flight was departing 30 minutes later. Once on board we were delayed for another hour.
Finaly made it to HAM, but without my luggage , that i got delivered at my hotel 5 hours later.
But same comment, the staff was extremely nice and tried to keep us updated about the situation.
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Ua895 hkg-sin -canceled yesterday and is not confirmed for today

I'm in SIN right now.
UA895 was canceled yesterday and is not confirmed for today.
Does someone whats going on?
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COuld have something todo with 896 this morning the 28th. United Cargo shows Canceled.

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Isn't the flight UA 896 from SIN to HKG? It shows its ontime from my end, in singapore.

Sorry misread that, but tonight's arrival is confirmed arrival for 11:33, flight 895 from hong kong... via Changi airports website.

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