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Consolidated Delayed/Cancelled UA International Flights [Master Thread]

Consolidated Delayed/Cancelled UA International Flights [Master Thread]

Old Dec 23, 09, 6:29 pm
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Originally Posted by worldtrav View Post
Looks like Dec 23 is shaping up to be a challenging day. UA967 from Rome to IAD diverted to Geneva, mechanical.
Indeed: UA 951 BRU-IAD cxld as well, today.
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Old Dec 23, 09, 6:48 pm
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924 iad-lhr

Was supposed to leave at 10:08, now delayed until at least 11:15 pm (it's gone up couple of times, so I'm skeptical. Lounge agent says it's because 976 from Chicago was delayed due to ramp baggage issues (for over an hour??), and I keep checking status of that flight and it continues to only show as "Departed Gate", not "departed". And lounge closes at 9:30

Is there a cut-off point at which they bag it for the night? Am worried about crew times and full-on cancellation at this point...

ETA: Whoo, in flight now-- that's definitely a relief!

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Old Dec 24, 09, 2:22 am
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Does anybody have a sense if any of the Pacific ops are affected by the weather in DC (and now Chicago? saw the waiver posted but didn't think it was supposed to get that bad)? Everything through NRT seems to be showing on time, but I'm deeply skeptical based on the reports that have come in from Atlantic operations...just wondering whether I'll make it to the States tomorrow.
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Old Dec 25, 09, 12:43 pm
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ua 900 sfo-fra 8 hour delay on 12/23

Thought someone might have posted on this, but didnt see - apologies if repeat....

Boarded full flight on time for 1:55 departure (op up to first which was nice)....taxied to end of runway, pilot says a warning light on and need return gate....we site gate til 3:30, we taxi again as far as end of international terminal, ominous delay before turning right, pilot comes on again - "this plane won't go and crew will now be off...not sure what is going to happen".....got us all off, found a plane quickly but had no crew so announced a 10 pm decision time, at 6 they finally said they were confirmed with a new crew.....i slept in lounge (service extremely nice and apologetic - they woke me when boarding, tried to get me on lh to muc before flight was a go and gave an additional swu)...then we all boarded and still sat and gate....pilot came on "uh, our 3rd pilot is on the bay bridge"...."ok, he's at candlestick"..."he's parking"....we took off at 10:30

Arrived frankfurt at 18:35 on xmas eve (vs 9:45 am scheduled)....very sad all the europeans going home for xmas with the eve being more important than the day.....sad but helpful service folks met plane - half plane was put immediately into a hotel (not many flts left).....i luckily had one more zurich connection (and my skis made it).....didnt make it to ski town to meet family, but went to midnight mass so mom happy...

all in all, thought ual did well....some folks were yelling at frankfurt folks and i said to one "what were they supposed to do, fly a dangerous plane?"....i guess they could have pulled the plug on the first plane earlier, but all in all ok..
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Old Dec 25, 09, 12:55 pm
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Sorry to hear about your delays...

Sounds like your were nicely cared for by United. Your flight crew made the right decision by making sure the aircraft was fit to fly. I'd much rather sit in a first class lounge waiting for a safe plane than having to divert to somewhere like Iceland to sit in a terminal or worse.

Enjoy the skiing!
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Old Dec 25, 09, 3:13 pm
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Better to be safe

Originally Posted by testver68 View Post
some folks were yelling at frankfurt folks and i said to one "what were they supposed to do, fly a dangerous plane?"....i guess they could have pulled the plug on the first plane earlier, but all in all ok..
I agree with you 100%. I'd rather have some guy complain that the flight was delayed by 6 hours than read some headline: "UA jumbo 747 goes missing over Greenland". It is better to be safe first, then worry about the other stuff.

I was on UA 900 last year, and we were delayed by6 hours. Our 2pm departure took off in the evening, and we arrived at 3pm in FRA (for 9am arrival). We had the exact same thing--the pilot put in full throttle on the runway, then he aborted the take off. When he headed back to the gate, I was thinking, "We're not goign to frankfurt..." But the mechanics cleared the plane in the end.

I do think that all the safety in airlines these days is because people don't take chances, so although delays suck, they are probably better for us in the long run.
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Old Dec 29, 09, 2:30 pm
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ZRH & GVA cancellations

Tough ride for UA Switzerland these days.

12/29: UA 975 GVA-IAD cancelled; 12/30 schedules 2 flights out of GVA
12/27: UA 937 ZRH-IAD cancelled; 12/28 was operating double flights as well.

In either case no reason given for cxl. Frequent mx on 763s?
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Old Jan 3, 10, 3:58 pm
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938 [ORD-LHR] Cancelled Tonight - why?

Any idea why the 938 ORD-LHR is cancelled tonight? My mother in law is on there and is freaking out. UAL.com isn't saying, and apparently she can't get info there either. Bad weather in LHR?
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Old Jan 3, 10, 4:04 pm
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The other flights seem to be going through.

Perhaps she can go either through IAD or FRA.
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Old Jan 3, 10, 4:07 pm
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It's not showing up on unitedcargo.com. Weather at LHR looks fine. Did you try just calling UA and asking?
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Old Jan 3, 10, 4:13 pm
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has she been rescheduled???

also interest thatunited.com is showing UA938 Jan4 1:20PM LHR-BRU as arrived at gate? -- as it is not yet 11:15PM Jan 3 at LHR at the moment
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Old Jan 3, 10, 7:37 pm
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Just a guess, but 843 to GRU last night was delayed until this afternoon. Perhaps that plane was needed for the delayed flight.
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Originally Posted by 6rugrats View Post
It's not showing up on unitedcargo.com. Weather at LHR looks fine. Did you try just calling UA and asking?
Weather in London is fine - I just left this afternoon. Bad weather is expected latter part of the week, however.

I'm guessing either it's gone mech, or has something to do with the latest in security theater....
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Old Jan 4, 10, 6:03 am
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I was scheduled in C on UA 938 last night (ORD-LHR) and can confrim that it was a mechanical / service issue, at least according to the 1K desk.

I was informed of the cancellation prior to leaving home for ORD, so that was good, but everything went downhill from there. Was 'confirmed' on a BA flight to LHR the same evening, but got to the BA desk to find out that UA actually oversold the C cabin by bumping me over, so I was only on standby.

That wasn't going to work for me, so another call to the 1K desk and got put on an LH flight to MUC (this wasn't really a big deal to me as I just needed to get across the pond so I could connect to DUB).

Unfortunately, my 'confirmed' reservation on LH turned out to also be a stand-by situation. Fortunately the got me on, no help to the 1K Desk: they were 'trying' to rectifty the situation wehereby UA said I was confirmed and LH was saying nope -standby; UA supervisor eventually told me "we did everything we could when we exchanged the ticket, we can't help you".

Thanks for the excellent customer service UA. I paid UA for a C seat, UA went mechanical and I'm doing all the leg work since they're unwilling to fix a back room issue. Very, very poor showing.
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Old Jan 5, 10, 3:24 am
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UA 846 EZE-IAD cancelled on 1/4/10

The title says it all - our flight last night was cancelled for mechanical reasons around 1:30 am or so. UA has put all of us up in a hotel, and hopes to fly the same plane out tonight as UA 9785. The flight was jammed full, as is tonight's regular flight 846, so hopefully the repair will actually work....
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