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Lurker Jan 9, 08 9:51 pm

Consolidated "Lounge Access in SYD" Thread [Merged]
I am just passing through SYD on UA and (as usual) using the NZ Koru club lounge.

On entry they gave the usual spiel about not announcing UA flights. I thanked them and started heading for the bar when she added that they would be making announcements as of Feb 1st. Upon further conversation with her it turns out that the reason is that UA RCC is closing and all business is being transferred to NZ lounge. I believe she also said Air China and another airline I do not recall now (sorry :o) were also being moved here so it will be come a BUSY lounge.

She was hoping NZ would staff accordingly; I was hoping that they would stock the Marlborough Sauv Blancs accordingly ;)

Happy travels everyone

Lurker :)

Wiggums Jan 9, 08 10:02 pm

SYD's RCC was pretty decent. I liked the sandwiches.. they use the same ones you see in First/Business Class. She directed me to the "First International Lounge" but I found out later anybody could enter, but they did try to make it "special' for me though. The ruse quickly unravelled when more people started walking in. I didn't ask for it though, I was just happy to have a place to sit in.

Lurker Jan 9, 08 10:04 pm

Originally Posted by Wiggums (Post 9039245)
SYD's RCC was pretty decent. I liked the sandwiches.. SNIP

The view, showers, and free wifi from the NZ lounge are clinchers for me.


BrisbanePE Jan 9, 08 10:06 pm

Not good

I know a lot of people moan about the SYD RCC but fact remains that it is often very full. If all those folk now have to squeeze into the NZ and/or SQ lounges then I can't see it being very pleasant for anyone. :(

And who will process the upgrades now? Annie was always on top of everything. I'd hate to have to sit around the gate waiting to see if the UPG came through.

I'm flying out Jan 29 - looks like that will be my SYD RCC RIP visit.


Lurker Jan 9, 08 10:13 pm

Totally Agree BrisbanePE!

But I think that space issues and the lack of UA-specific support at the NZ lounge are going to be the only two down sides that I foresee. As you corectly point out, the SQ lounge is always an alternate option.

Lurker :)

Lurker Jan 9, 08 10:15 pm

Royal Brunei was other airline to use the NZ lounge
Just chatted a little further with my "source" here at the NZ lounge and it turns out that the 2 additional airlines (beyond UA) to have access to th NZ lounge are Air China and Royal Brunei but she states that they have only 2 flights (each) per week.

Anyone know time and day for them?


BrisbanePE Jan 9, 08 10:16 pm

I guess this effectively completes UA's staff pull-out from SYD (and thus all of OZ?)

Wonder what the space will be used for?

pschafer Jan 9, 08 10:26 pm

I really cannot see why anyone would miss the SYD RCC (except for the UA specific support of late changes and UGs) - it is/was dismal. Very poor F&B selection, tatty furniture, and insufficient toilets. SQ and NZ are both better options.

Lurker Jan 9, 08 10:26 pm

Ok, according to their websites,

Royal Brunei flies Syd on M, Th, and F in at about 10 am and out at about 2:30pm

But it looks like Air China flies daily between SYD and Beijing; in at about 6:45 am and out at about 9pm.

Seems that 3 of those 4 will impact UA fliers.


Kiwi Flyer Jan 9, 08 10:31 pm

As I never use SYD RCC it being closed is no loss. But, the NZ lounge will be overcrowded when the 2/3 UA flights leave :td: Especially on days when they are late and thus coincide with the evening NZ departures. I hope the NZ lounge will be expanding.

UNITED959 Jan 9, 08 10:33 pm

Not that I ever use the RCC (over the NZ lounge), but w/ all the UA people packing into NZ, some of the allure will be lost.

mahasamatman Jan 9, 08 10:36 pm

Originally Posted by pschafer (Post 9039348)
I really cannot see why anyone would miss the SYD RCC

Same here. We only went there because we had to convert the fake boarding pass they gave us in AKL into a real one. Then we sprinted back to the SKL (and later to the Koru when they closed).

SFO_Runner Jan 9, 08 10:41 pm

DL / CO will use the space once they get their 772LRs / 787s :p

blueman2 Jan 9, 08 10:42 pm

Is there an IFL in SYD for UA? Or do we just use NZ's or someone elses?

fastair Jan 9, 08 10:45 pm

Originally Posted by SFO_Runner (Post 9039428)
DL / CO will use the space once they get their 772LRs / 787s :p

And after the govt of OZ wants their flagged carrier to have open compeition. :D

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