Re-route due to weather; Original EQM/EQS?

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On the phone MP gave me credit for a 2 seg flight I missed and was routed non-stop all UA due to a mechanical.

Gave me credit for my original itinerary another 2 segs when re-routed on Alaska

and gave me credit for a US reroute a year ago.

They showed up in my account as we were on the phone.

I have a US ticket that was rerouted on Delta, that one I have to fax but he said if I send in a note saying I need the credit fast for qualifying they would do it very fast.
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re-route due to MX

Just another data point. Re-routed from SJC-LAX-BOS-PHL to SFO-PHL non-stop due to canceled SJC-LAX. Had the re-route been booked into Y, I would have left well enough alone (given I care more about EQMs than RDMs). But the re-routed flight booked in the normal bucket, so I called MP to get original routing credit. It took the agent a while (I gather since one segment was originally on US), but he was able to credit me for the original routing. However, he pointed out--multiple times--that this was an exception and not standard policy.
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Originally Posted by LAX-1K View Post
IME, the magic words you ask for are "original routing credit". I've had success just calling MP and requesting this over the phone.

Safe travels...
I was re-routed by a agent in HNL via DEN instead of Via ORD due to a mechanical--the plane I was supposed to go on was very late because it had gone mechanical earlier in the day which screwed up my itin. (This reroute resulted in a significant mileage difference)

I call MP tonight to request 'original routing credit' and they acted like I was out of my mind. He said several times 'you earn what route you fly'. He talked to a supervisor and I was granted a 'one time exception'.
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I usually just call the mileage plus line and get the original route credited. Sometimes I've even just told the gate agent that i wanted to original routing mileage when they were doing the rebooking and it ended up showing up right in my account.
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Booked on BNA-IAD-BDL, BNA-IAD was delayed so before I even checked-in I was rebooked (full fare Y) to US (BNA-CLT-BDL). Problem is none of the flights have posted and it has been 5 days now.

I wanted the US segs to post that way I can call in and ask for original EQM/EQS, but they never posted. What should I do? I really want the credit for DEQM:

BNA-CLT-BDL = 329mi + 644mi = 973EQM/973RDM/3EQS or
BNA-IAD-BDL = 542mi + 326(500)mi = 1042 x 2 = 2084EQM/2084RDM/2EQS
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