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What was your first post to the MP board on FT?

What was your first post to the MP board on FT?

Old Sep 28, 07, 8:00 pm
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What was your first post to the MP board on FT?

If you do an advanced search, it's possible to see what you very first post was. Fess up, folks? How basic was your first questions?

The subject of mine was "Using Segment upgrades," posted on Feb 20, 2000. Here's the link, with my post below it.


As a PremEx, I am still confused on how to use these coupons. Some agents insist that I must surrender coupons based on each leg. Others tell me it is "as the crow flies." Which is correct?

Also, if I am flying from A to B and then onto C, and the B-C segment has no upgrades available while the A-B does, but the A-C distance requires fewer coupons than the A-B would alone, can I surrender coupons for the entire distance of my flight, even though I would be flying in coach part way?(Did this make any sense?).
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Old Sep 28, 07, 8:05 pm
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7 years and 11 days ago


Originally Posted by cblaisd
Originally posted by Dawoz:
Premexec put a link up to his webpage to download UnitedConection for windows...
Can somebody re-post that link for downloading? Thanks.
I managed to mess up PremEx's name

I sure do still miss the United Connection software.
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Old Sep 28, 07, 8:07 pm
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Probably very telling, I'm sure... my first post was begging for a UA e-cert. Of course, I also asked if people had other ideas.

Yeah, I guess it's telling.
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Old Sep 28, 07, 8:30 pm
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How embarassing!

The direct question was simple enough; what were the different rules for a saver vs standard award (regarding flying on non-UA metal). But then...

I didn't even know what C or F were, let alone status levels (someone asked me if I was 1K, and I said I missed it by 500 miles the previous year... should have been at least 75,500.
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Old Sep 28, 07, 8:48 pm
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Arrow first post on FT

My first post, 4 years ago, was complaining about lack of saver business class award to Asia on NW.

WBC Standard Award is almost impossible between NRT and DTW or MSP, even if you plan one year ahead.

The best shot, is to go JFK/LAX/SEA to NRT. SFO is also possible sometimes. Depending on your city, either you drive to the gateways I mentioned above, or ask if the following route is allowed

Your city-JFK/LAX/SEA-NRT-Asian Destination City

for award travel. I face the same problem (see my other post) and try to find a solution.

I am glad to report that NW has greatly increased WBC awards ever since (they changed name from Standard to Saver). ^^
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Old Sep 28, 07, 9:03 pm
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First post to the UA forum

Jun 22, 01, 9:31 pm #12

Join Date: May 2001
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Posts: 4,328 I remember in the early 90's mu husband and I wee supposed to go somewhere and he copped out - so my mother flew on his ticket - no big deal then. Now, I found a bunch of USAir Senior Citizen tickets she mus thave had when she died and all I can do is throw them out http://www.flyertalk.com/forum/frown.gif
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Old Sep 28, 07, 9:08 pm
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I couldn't have been here more than a couple of days.

Sept 4, 2000.

2P, 1P please explain?


I've been flying United since 1988. Over the years I've managed to fly in the 28-35,000 mile range per year. Most of that is JFK/LAX.
I'm a 2P.
Can someone explain the difference between all the P's.
In the scheme of things, I know I'm all the way down the list, compared to all of you here. I know I fit in somewhere. LOL

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Old Sep 28, 07, 9:20 pm
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June 19, 2000 in the UA topic A Crazy Low fare!! (about $54RT fares between IND and SBA). Very same month I registered after lurking for 6 months.


Thanks for the alert on this one. I contacted a friend in IND who booked two tickets (on Travelocity) at $96RT with taxes for July 6-11 (though he is on HP, not UA, as he wants to connect in LAS). He was going to fly into LAX on award travel, but this works much better.

It's not worthwhile for me to drive 7 hours south to get one of these for myself, though, as tempting as it is.

I played with about a dozen other destinations from SBA, and could not find anything comparable. Also played with Bay Area airports to IND, and nothing comparable there either. As I write this the fares are still listed on the UA web site.
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Old Sep 28, 07, 10:07 pm
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I posted a question about why the flag was painted backwards on the plane ... i was amazed and fascinated by how detail the discussion that followed got.
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Old Sep 28, 07, 10:31 pm
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My first post to the UA board. I had been on the AC board for a few months to practice.....


How long does UA have left?


Just wondering how much cash UA has on hand, how fast are they burning through it and will they still be around the first couple weeks of March?
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Old Sep 29, 07, 2:06 am
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LOL.. oh good GOD how funny.

July 26th, 2003 - my first post on FT.

"I'm not a frequent flyer and I've been accruing miles all my life to take a trip like this..."

LOL... my how the snowball formed. 4 years and 300,000 BIS miles later, I definitely can't say that any more!
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Old Sep 29, 07, 3:18 am
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First post here so please be nice and at least tell me where I missed searching for this answer...

I have 45,000 UA miles that have been transferred from a family member to myself.

I have a booked AirNZ flight in premium economy early next year, is it possible to use the UA miles for an upgrade to Business on Air NZ

I have a feeling it's not possible, but haven't found a definate answer, and yes I could ring UA but I want to ask here first

Thanks "

I sounded scared
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Old Sep 29, 07, 5:43 am
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Gee, I'm kinda proud of myself. As a complete MP noob I actually asked a coherent and semi-useful question on May 6th 2005...

"Full fare Y on US, miles to MP, EQM bonus?
Traveling SEA to PHL on US112 May 10th on a full fare “Y” ticket (USAir ticketed). Planning on earning the miles on my UA MP account. Will I get the 150% EQM bonus for a Y fare????


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Old Sep 29, 07, 5:54 am
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Mine was mostly a "Me too" message in a "When did you hit 1K" rollcall.


Luckilly I had lurked for quite a few years, and had been 1K for 8 before I posted, so I don't think I embarassed myself too much
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Old Sep 29, 07, 10:00 am
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First post to UA MP forum:
October 26, 2000
Cheap UA Fare, post #45

(BWI-IAD leg, was that a UA connection bus or something? )

"I have been toying with PDX-BWI on UA for about $215-225 using different routings. The best I've found is PDX-SEA-JFK-IAD-BWI-IAD-SEA-PDX. 7 segs, 7300 miles :-) It's Sat-Tues./Wed.

I've been having problems booking mult-segs on ual.com. For some dumb reason, the BWI-IAD segment gets screwy and wants to book ALL available flights....about 6 in all http://www.flyertalk.com/forum/tongue.gif Also, ual.com wants to price everything with one-way legs. I'm finding Expedia much easier to deal with."

First post started by me in UA MP forum:
May 1, 2003 - funny it took me this long to write my first MP post
Book US seats through ual.com? - also funny you still can't do this

"I couldn't find any previous posts in the United forum on this topic. I'm looking at PDX-NAS operated by UA/US, but when I go to reserve seats, there aren't any seat maps for the US Airways segments. Would this necessitate a call to US Airways as a follow up, or perhaps UAL? Thanks for any advice on this."

Incidentally, my first post anywhere on FT was to the AA board about killing 6 hrs. during a layover in SJC en route to HNL (shudder)

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