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shortcut3d Apr 5, 07 1:57 pm

UA 907 ORD-SFO 4/5: OLCI Glitch?
To make a long story short I had to change my itinerary to match my co-workers last minute. :rolleyes: I was traveling on F SFO/BOS Y BOS/ORD B ORD/SFO.

I called the GS desk and requested a change from UA 155 to UA 907. Happily the GS angel processed my request and PA waitlisted me. She even offered to try to confirm th u/g with IM before I got off the phone. No luck.

Today, prior to my flight I try to view My Itinerary and it was down. Then I proceed to OLCI, which does not pull up UA 907, but confirms me for an u/g on UA 155.

I called UGS to correct and the agent said the e-ticket was never re-fared, but the itinerary was changed. She corrected and said I should be fine.

Meanwhile, the said co-worker who is a 1Plite confirms an upgrade to C on UA 907.

I proceed to check My Itinerary and it shows me waitlisted for u/g UA907 and
still confirmed for F on UA 155. I try OLCI again, and it still only shows UA 155.

Called GS again and explained again. The agent confirmed everything is in order and said I am confirmed in Y and waitlisted in C!!! I promptly inquired why a 1P would clear before a UGS1K on the same fare. She looked into and simple said hold on. Two minutes of clicking away and presto I was confirmed in C.


Is this a common error when changing flights? I have noticed that whenever I change my flight it always only clears at the gate, never before hand.

What should I have done if the u/g was unavailable b/c of this glitch, but a 1P cleared before a UGS when both were waitlisted on the same flight?

shortcut3d Apr 11, 07 8:56 am

I am about to do this all over again on Friday. This time I called ASAP to try the upgrade. It was sent to IM again. :rolleyes:

Sadly, the mess last week caused me to miss my flight as I waited at check-in to get it resolved. :td:

The UA TA was very helpful and called the gate. She also pointed out which security line was best. I made it to the gate 10 minutes prior to departure and was rejected. Obviously, the GA did not know I was the GS. I asked if they rebooked me automatically since they closed early. She pointed towards where customer service is and said "try your luck there." :mad: As I walked a way an older woman comes to the gate and the GA said aloud, "That must be our GS. Too bad we closed early." My age and unisex name continue to give me problems on UA.

If it wasn't for a GREAT flight on UA863 with Laddin, I would be splitting my money this year. Laddin on UA863 is officially my sky angel. :D

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