When do int'l upgrades clear?

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There are a lot more 1Ps, 2Ps, and GMs than there are 1Ks. Elite statuses should get lots of breaks, but the system should not be set up to make it impossible for everyone else. I do agree that they should sell C seats to anyone willing to pay for them, but they shouldn't set up the system so that the remaining seats only go to cheap-fare paying 1Ks while everyone else gets screwed over.

They require a higher fare basis because it makes each traveler pay extra in the hopes of an upgrade that only sometimes comes.
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Originally Posted by jedison View Post
Not crappy for UA (which waits until the last minute to make sure they've squeezed out every last ounce of revenue) or 1Ks (who United wants to keep happy, because, whatever the fare, they've flown at least 100K miles, give or take). I am a bit surprised, though, that they make it more difficult to redeem miles by requiring a higher fare class. I would think United would want people to redeem those miles and get them off their books. The SWUs expire, miles really don't (theoretically they do, but for anybody with enough to get a flight or upgrade I think it's pretty unusual).
C and F seats are worth a lot of money. If UA let any fare be upgraded for 30,000 miles 1Ks and UGS, as well as revenue C/F passangers would be unhappy, and in Y.
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