Obento meal question

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Obento meal question

Flew UA838 SIN-NRT-SFO on Sep 6.

SWU upg to F and reserved their Obento meal.

When the meal came, there was no wasabi at all! Not even when I pointed out and requested from the crew!

This is the first time I had an Obento meal on UA that comes without wasabi.

Is this normal?

Have they classified wasabi as security risks?

Should I follow up with UA?

I was on 2A and had to change to 2J as the headset would emits loud cracking sounds! Tsk, tsk.
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I don't think the appetiser sushi had any wasabi in it (but sushi is usually served with the western meal) - the noodles in the obento usually have wasabi in it...I don't think its worth complaining, not like they will do anything about it anyway.
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Next time I will buy you a 500 Yen Obento from 7/11....it will have wasabi in it !
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Originally Posted by cruxader
Have they classified wasabi as security risks?
You could blind someone with wasabi!
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Can you send the meal back?

I know that when you use Order From The Chef on SQ they still board regular meals in case you don't like the special meal (not that I've ever had to send back a lobster thurmador, but the Flight Attendants always offer me another entree after I've finished my dinner, explaining that they have additional steaks and seafood just in case...amazing)! ^ I've wanted to try the Obento meal but then figured if I didn't like it I'd be hungry for the next 12 hours. If anyone knows whether United also boards "spare" dinners then I'm gonna try the Obento.
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The nice thing about the UA Obento is that there are at least seven little dishes in it. If you like Japanese food in general, it's probable that you'll like most of it. And the meal usually includes so much food that you'd be stuffed if you eat it all. Additionally, a majority of the dishes arrive with the appetizer part of the meal, so if you don't like it, it's probably early enough to alert the flight attendants and get a different meal.

The menu that's handed out at the beginning of the flight always gives an accurate list of the dishes that are in the Obento. Even if you pre-order an Obento, demand for it is usually high enough that, if you review the menu and know won't like what's in the Obento, they'll let you choose something different from the menu.

If you're in First Class, you can get both a Western appetizer AND the Obento.

And if you're originating in Narita, you can stop at the food concessions and pick up some backup noodles or dumplings before the flight. The shrimp dumplings and gyoza are really good.

I've had a couple of UA Obentos that didn't have the blob of wasabi next to the sushi. It's true -- there's more than enough wasabi in the osoba noodles to clear the sinuses, if that's the sensation you're after. :-)

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The obento meal ^ is intended to taste exactly how it is out of the box; I think it's the strictest meal choice in terms of how you can tinker with the flavorings using condiments. Soy sauce is the only "extra" provided, iirc.

The sushi in the appetizer portion, if it's a "pressed sushi", is from Osaka and is never eaten with wasabi.

I've gotten cold udon noodles (the white ones) which are served with grated ginger. If it's soba ^ (browns ones from buckwheat), then you get the blob of wasabi as Lori_Q stated.
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yea, to mirror what others have said, unless intended to be eaten with it, i have not had an obento include wasabi... typically, i've found it only on soba
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