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Consolidated Thread to Post Your UA Website Experiences/Complaints


Old Jul 13, 04, 11:28 am
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Originally Posted by billhar
A few more:
Last two times booking BOS-FRA and there are flights connecting in IAD
all the BOS-IAD-FRA flights came up on LH and there were plenty of seat
on the UA flights but United .com would not bring them up..Brought up the LH
flights as code shares.
To get the BOS-IAD-FRA flights on UA, simply use the multi-destination menu, and have the first leg be BOS-IAD. It's the only way I can ever get BOS-LHR via the morning flight out of IAD (Flt 922). If I type BOS-LHR, it only ever offers the red-eye flights.
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Old Jul 21, 04, 10:45 pm
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To add to the wish list

When there are changes to My Itinerary, a 5 minute change in schedule from one flight for instance, a way to just click on the notice to update rather than have to make a phone call. Easy is better
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Old Sep 14, 04, 4:02 pm
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This list has just been updated. New items were added, and a couple were removed (Upgrade summary now works! ).

Keep the current items coming...

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Old Sep 14, 04, 6:13 pm
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Originally Posted by kykate
I am consistently unable to book a Business Class or First Class flight at UNited.com when the trip originates at ACV, where we have only the Brasilia or CRJ. Of course there are no F or Business seats on those flights - please, just tell me what it will cost to book those classes on the appropriate legs!


OMG Kate, you are so right! I tried booking first class to HNL from TYS, and it wouldn't let me because the first leg was on an RJ! That is a huge problem.

I've used the website of about every airline. None of them are perfect, but I think Delta's may be the best. They even let you see seat availability during the search.

My biggest gripes are:

1. Even if you ask for 20 flights, you often only get one!
2. You can't change your seat assignment online or even see seat availability without booking a dummie ticket.
3. You have to log in to check award ticket availability. On AA you don't.
4. The layout is neither easy no becoming. It needs a total revamp.
5. It is hard to book multi-segment trips to get a good MR.

Basically, none of the airlines' sites are as easy to use as expedia or travelocity. I think the airlines need to look at these sites as a model and strive to be as good as or better.

If they want to encourage people to use them so they can have fewer CSR's, they need to make them usable. PERIOD! I know plenty of people who would still pay the $5 fee (either at Expedia/Travelocity or over the phone) just to not have to use an airline website...........and that's a real shame!
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Old Sep 14, 04, 7:44 pm
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Here are the glitches I experienced yesterday:

+ Search by Price had the inbound and outbound segments I wanted, but not as a pair.
+ The first time I chose Search by Schedule, I got an error message.
+ At one point, one option had a ridiculous price, something like $1453219.
+ When I was able to choose the segments I wanted (by Schedule), they changed eached time I tried to purchase the tickets.

Finally, I gave up and booked through Orbitz.

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Old Sep 14, 04, 9:05 pm
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Here's an interesting glitch...

Go to "Shop For Flights"
Dates: 04OCT-05OCT
Between SNA-ONT
Search by Schedule
Display 20 flights

One of the flights shown is:
UA6077 ONT-LAX 515A 549A
UA6098 LAX-ONT 636A 709A
UA6172 SNA-LAX 720A 755A

On the return:
UA6077 ONT-LAX 515A 549A
UA6098 LAX-ONT 636A 709A
UA6172 SNA-LAX 720A 755A
(Same thing)

Select the flights and price it.
Total Airfare (including taxes and charges): USD 949.59
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Old Sep 15, 04, 8:10 am
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There's no way to just put in the flights and dates you want and check pricing. If they want to encourage us to book online vs phone or other (easier to use) sites, then giving us this ability would make it easier to book here even if we researched the itinerary elsewhere.
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Old Sep 15, 04, 9:17 am
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Why not do the following:

1. Create a page called "My Promotions" with a list of all promotions registered for and a link to the T&C of each.

2. In the mileage summary, rather than listing "miles" and "bonus" as paralell columns, create a new line item for each bonus so that we know where it came from (and do not need to waste time calling MP Cust Serv to figure out if we were credited properly). For example:

25-Mar-04 UA 123 F class xxx to zzz 400
25-Mar-04 Prem Exec bonus 400
25-Mar-04 Promot M73 (xxx double miles) 400

3. Create a seperate column for EQMs, so that we can figure out if those are crediting properly.
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Old Sep 15, 04, 1:18 pm
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check-in problem

Here's the one that annoys me most:

Sometimes, when I use online check-in, it gets me checked in fine but fails to load the images that need to be printed (the site dies / times out / etc during the process) and I have no boarding passes. It won't let me reload that page or go through the check-in process again, since I am "already checked in" and forces me to re-print my boarding passes at the airport (which, if you've ever tried to check-in at 5:30 am at SEA, you'll know how much time this wastes). It seems like you should be able to reprint your boarding passes online.
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Add this one to the list:

Instead of having to specify a time when searching for flights, there should be a choice of "anytime." That way you could click anytime, and then 20 results, and get every flight for those city pairs.
I'm no programing wizard, but I know that this can't be that hard to do.
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Old Sep 15, 04, 2:52 pm
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FWIW, when I access the flight search page from the 1K connection, my Saved Searches are non-existent. It also seems that the 1K website is incapable of "remembering my MP number" when logging in.
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Old Sep 15, 04, 3:03 pm
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One more glitch: The "change flight" feature under "My itineraries" doesn't have access to the same fares that the "normal" flight search from the homepage (or same access as phone reps for that matter). Had to change a DTW-IAD flight recently. Website brought up $128, phone rep brought up $128, but lowest fare (exact same itinerary) was $248 (plus $100 change fee, less value of original ticket). Tried multiple times over a few days, always same/similar result. Even sent email to tech support, who were of no help.
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My latest gripe!

Do a search on a US-Europe fare and it comes up as $930. United.com is nice and offers alternatives for $625. Ok, I like that price a lot better, so I select the alternative... "error... no longer available"... ok, next one... same result. Finally I find one that works, great -- $626 and books me in W class all the way through. When I go to book: "illegal connection" (only 50 minutes between FRA-IAD and IAD-DEN). Argh!!

There's no way to "force" it take a later IAD-DEN flight, even if available with W, at that fare. Impossibly annoying.
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Originally Posted by kcvt750
It also seems that the 1K website is incapable of "remembering my MP number" when logging in.
The regular site has the same problem. Would it be so difficult to program a site where you stay logged in to all areas until you log out?
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Old Oct 13, 04, 10:31 am
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Originally Posted by Ocn Vw 1K
Here's a perennial FT favorite deficiency of the site:
7) The pricing engine does not display fares by fare basis (i.e., F,C,Y,B,M,H,Q,V, etc.) even though fare bases are important to many customers for many reasons.
If you update your profile you will be able to allow it to show the fare basis codes on the fares it brings up for you, as long as you are signed in. I dont remember what the settings are but pretty sure there are 3 of them and one is expert.
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