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Consolidated Thread to Post Your UA Website Experiences/Complaints


Old Jul 9, 04, 10:02 am
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A few more:

"My Itinerary" down quite a bit or s l o w and then "ERROR"

Booking from Northeast to Florida the web site seldom will
allow all segments to be on UA aircraft..Many times all flights
are on US Airways. There are connecting flights in IAD and ORD
Even getting the connection thru ORD to come up is iffy even if
you list each segment.

I have encountered problems booking travel to Europe when
one leg is on Lufthansa I got message that the site "cannot book
Lufthansa IS selected from the pull down menu. Calls to tech support
were a joke.

I agree that booking award travel on the web site is not representative
of availability..I just booked PVD- CDG, CDG -FRA , FRA -PHL -PVD
When checking the PVD -CDG segment the web site listed NO AVAILABILITY
each day for a 10 day period. A telephone call and there was seats available
on three of my four day choices...For saver seats

Last two times booking BOS-FRA and there are flights connecting in IAD
all the BOS-IAD-FRA flights came up on LH and there were plenty of seat
on the UA flights but United .com would not bring them up..Brought up the LH
flights as code shares.

I really have to question why the United website cannot list flights
on United Aircraft..I can see if it is a difference in fares or availability
but usually UA has the flights available on Travelocity or Orbitz.

I have selected display flights "by price" and had prices considerably higher than when I chose "by schedule" I would have believed that it should be the other way around if at all any difference. So now I check other sites BEFORE
United's website because of the inconsistencies.

Booking Award travel could be a lot easier if the date selection was like travelocity where it tells you "sold out" dates..US Airways uses that method. It is a lot easier to check.

There are good airline sites out there. I really believe that this web site is costing UA revenue. The problems seem to have been there for quite a while
and it actually appears as if UA management could care less. I cannot think of any other answer. The problems have been uncorrected for too long.
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Old Jul 9, 04, 10:09 am
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Originally Posted by JeffS
I'm not sure how you came up with the 20% number but my experience is not even close. Certainly it is not up 100% of the time, but it is up more than 80% of the time. Do any of us have any data to support that the UA web site is significantly bad in this area as compared to the rest?
I don't have any hard data. but I thought randomman's estimate of how often it is up was generous. My impression has been that it also depends on what you want to do. If I want to check Mileage Plus or some other generic function, I have better success. Anytime I try to get into a part of the site that involves flights, reservations, or itineraries, my success rate drops dramatically. If I had to guess, I say that I'm able to get the UA site to respond about 60% of the time.
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Old Jul 9, 04, 10:21 am
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My itineraries (All United itineraries) has been down since last night
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Old Jul 9, 04, 10:24 am
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Originally Posted by jonu
My itineraries (All United itineraries) has been down since last night
Both All United Itineraries and E-upgrade Summary pages seem to be hosted on www.ua2go.com, and that's what seems to be broken. Pages on www.itn.com seem to be working OK.

As of about 11:30am EDT, everything seems to be fixed, and I am able to get to the All United Itineraries page OK.

Last edited by redburgundy; Jul 9, 04 at 10:40 am Reason: additional info
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Old Jul 9, 04, 1:44 pm
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Random date and time changes when going back a screen

I recently booked a bunch of flights on united.com. What a HASSLE! Once I had an itinerary, and wanted to back up and make a change, it would randomize my dates and times, and I had to plug them all in over again. On a many leg itinerary, this gets REAL OLD REAL QUICK!
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Old Jul 9, 04, 1:46 pm
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Trying to load a saved itinerary - log in first

To load a saved itinerary, you must first be logged in. But apparently the login on the front page is a different login. The work-around that I finally discovered was to make a fake itinerary, which THEN brought up a login screen, log in, cancel the fake itinerary, and then load the one I wanted to load in the first place. Another HASSLE.
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Old Jul 9, 04, 4:09 pm
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"My itineraries" still down

I've been trying to look since this morning. Still down ...
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Old Jul 9, 04, 4:19 pm
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Worked for me 20 minutes ago...
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Old Jul 9, 04, 5:55 pm
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Still not for me. I click on "All United Itineraries" and it takes me to the Easy Checkin page and says "Error. We are unable to determine the status of your request."

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Old Jul 9, 04, 6:02 pm
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I just checked it again. Worked for me, and was quite fast. If they have web tech support, I'd call them.
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Old Jul 9, 04, 7:00 pm
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I am consistently unable to book a Business Class or First Class flight at UNited.com when the trip originates at ACV, where we have only the Brasilia or CRJ. Of course there are no F or Business seats on those flights - please, just tell me what it will cost to book those classes on the appropriate legs!

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Old Jul 11, 04, 11:43 pm
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I complained enough to the 1K customer service that they offered up the name, email & phone number of the guy who is in charge of the website

Not that I've had time to do anything with this valuable information. Though I'm quite (understatement) peeved at the moment trying to book DUB-IAD not getting any info. [Looks like I'll be buying an Air Canada ticket off their website tomorrow]

So I may be calling the dude tomorrow to beg for the resurrection of United Connection (RIP). I'll pay for it!!! Now that ITA is down, I'm totally helpless, fumbling around Expedia (wondering why Air France is offering biz fares from Europe for $2018?), getting more annoyed by the minute.

Here's my addition to your list: Why isn't SAS listed as a choice? You know on the "advanced" -- using that term loosely -- page where you can pick up to three choices of airlines, well two besides UA. Why is LOT there but not SAS? It's *A.
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Old Jul 12, 04, 2:06 am
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Some of the problems you list may be specific to your situation, i.e., the particular server you end up on and/or particular browser you are using, etc. The 20% figure is NOT consistent with my own experience at all. I would say the site is down maybe 1-2% of the time, and I access it very frequently.

E-upgrade summaries work for me most of the time, but not always. I certainly wouldn't claim they "haven't worked for 2 months."

I doubt that a b*tch list posted on a website is going to make a huge difference to United. These problems are not just ones of motivation, as the posts here seem to imply; there is a huge amount of work involved in maintaining any complex system, and undoubtedly limited resources to do it. Some of the problems may be outside United's control. I too wish they would fix all the problems and add all the new features we want, but none of this will ever happen overnight. Also, since some problems are intermittent and only occur under certain circumstances, it can be hard to diagnose what the problem is without more details. But instead of providing details, these posts just pile on a bunch of generalities (like the 20% downtime figure, the features that supposedly "never work," etc.). These kinds of generalizations are not really useful for actually fixing anything.
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Old Jul 12, 04, 2:47 am
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Originally Posted by flyiad
1. Multi-city makes you input your ground travel. A better model is just to allow From/To, From/To, From/To, etc. instead of From/To/To/To/To...

3. Even though we may ask for up to 20 flights to be displayed by schedule, we often have to know flight time and enter it to get certain flights to show up. A search by schedule should show all flights available.

Agree with the second comment.

The multi-city ground travel segment thing is the only way to ensure that the system prices everything as one itinerary, rather than separate itineraries. It may be a nuisance, but it's really just a question of getting used to it (and remembering to switch back to air travel for subsequent inputted segments!).

In its favor, ual.com is the only site I've encountered so far (I expect there are others) which allows you to book open-jaw itineraries online rather than having to phone.
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Old Jul 13, 04, 11:15 am
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Just to clear this situation up, KathyWdrf , personally my E-Upgrade summary has not worked for over two months. I have checked at least twice a day every day for two months. I am very competent with websites and systems, and I have not been able to access this from any computer.

Judging from other responses, I am not the only one in this situation. As always, YMMV. Just consider that different people may have different experiences. And this downtime is a factor in the overall 20% figure. It is very rare for all of the important pieces of the United.com website to be working properly at any given time.

My company runs a very big website, and it is very rare for a single link not to function properly at any given time.

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