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RCC Meetings - Post Your Availability Here [Archived Thread]


Old May 8, 05, 4:45 pm
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May 26:
SYD - F Lounge 1pm-2pm
LAX - Intl F Lounge - 1:30pm - 5pm

May 27:
FRA - Some lounge TBA 3pm-4pm

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Old May 8, 05, 6:12 pm
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May 22:
SFO - RCC - 12:00pm -12:45pm

May 23:
NRT - RCC - 4:30pm - 5:45pm (have never been there, got to see the beer machine )

May 24:
BKK - TBD Thai Exec. Lounge - 5:30pm - 6:30pm

Jun 5:
BKK - RCC - 4:00am - 6:00 am

Haven't met any FTer yet, would love to get a chance!

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Old May 8, 05, 6:46 pm
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..quoting astrojets, what the heck:
R and I will be in the LAX RCC on the way to BKK on UA on 5/10, probably 10:00 a.m. 'til boarding, then upstairs in 15 G,H.
Look for the longsleeve black tops with a tan stripe over the shoulder.
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Old May 8, 05, 8:14 pm
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IAD on May 14, from 2:30 --- 4:30
heading to FRA on the 5:15 (16B!) and then onward to ARN

IAD on June 5, from 2:30 -- 5:00
heading to CDG on the 5:45 (8H) and then to XZN on the train
If any of you know how this train works, let me know!
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Old May 8, 05, 9:21 pm
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Actually Ben, if you want to follow SQ's SKL thread, the thread "owner" edits the first post and places the times and dates there...easier to follow...

It's better that the chap who offered to host and build an RCC calendar works quickly!!!
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Old May 9, 05, 12:36 am
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Originally Posted by SEA_Tigger
I would have had to kill myself to get to my IAD-SFO flight, so the nice folks here at the C7 RCC put me on the 777 to DEN (UA301), so I will be here till 8:00am. I'd rather give up 1000 miles to get a 777 Business seat after a red-eye.

I land at DEN at 10:30 and board UA339 for SEA at 11:00, so I will only be in the DEN RCC for a quick bite and a glass of water. Not sure if it will be West or East - whichever one is closest to my departure gate.
whoops, this is why you weren't in the SFO RCC this morning around 11.

I was delayed an hour leaving SEA.
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Old May 9, 05, 12:59 pm
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May 27 SFO Intl F Lounge (0945-1130)
Currently not yet confirmed in F, if I don't clear then Intl RCC.
If I clear I'll be able to bring a guest to the F lounge. Flying NH.
Please PM me.
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Old May 9, 05, 1:21 pm
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May 28 ORD 5am-7am
May 30 ORD 7 pm-9pm

Not sure which RCC will be at. (Flying TED, does that help?) Would be happy to bring 1 guest. PM me if interested

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Old May 9, 05, 2:42 pm
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BOS - Fridays from about 3:30pm - 4:30pm
DEN - Sundays from about 2:30pm - 3:30pm

Every week.

It would be nice to meet some FTers. I still haven't seen any tags in the Voices section of Hemispheres yet. Probably not a huge FTer route I guess.
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Old May 9, 05, 2:59 pm
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Stuck at IAD right now.....

Is it OK for people SEEKING an RCC member to post?

I'm at IAD right now (3:54pm). My IAD-SAN flight (first segment of IAD-SAN-LAX) (in F) scheduled for 3:30pm is delayed because there's a part missing from the plane (A320). They said it would take about an hour to fix. United did a great proactive job by protecting me a business class seat on a 767 to LAX that departs at 5:50pm (arrives at 8:25pm, one minute after the next SAN-LAX flight arrives). So I may wait for the LAX flight, even if the SAN flight takes off sooner (oops...as I'm typing they just announced that the part exists somewhere at IAD, but they can't find it--will take at least an hour AFTER they find it, which means I should take the LAX flight no matter what).

Anyway, is anyone at the IAD RCC right now?
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Old May 9, 05, 3:39 pm
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May 10:LHR 13:00-15:00 on UA959 to ORD
May 10:ORD 19:00-20:30 on UA7026 to ATL (19:45 local - am in the RCC now)

May 12:ATL 18:00-19:00 on UA731 to ORD
May 12:ORD 20:45-21:20 on UA161 to SFO


May 15:SFO-PIT-ART! (if the weather machine is fixed)

will add more...


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Old May 9, 05, 4:03 pm
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May 12 I'll be doing the ORD RCC circuit 7-9pm local time.
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Old May 10, 05, 8:59 am
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May 12: PHL RCC early (~6:30am, 0800 flight to ORD), ORD RCC near B18 mid morning en route to PVG, UA 835 seems to be going out of B17 lately.

June 4: PEK Air China lounge (or whatever the Star biz class lounge is there) before the ORD flight, some ORD RCC before the 6pm to PHL if I have time.
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Old May 10, 05, 11:54 am
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May 11 - SEA RCC from 1:30-3:20 (to SFO)
SFO Int'l RCC 5:30-7 (to LHR)

May 27 - LHR Lounge-hopping 10:30-12:00 (to ORD)
ORD RCC 6:30-7:30 (to SEA)
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Old May 10, 05, 12:29 pm
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Originally Posted by oontiveros
I hardly consider the TWO (2) existing stickies, plus this one perhaps, to be a threat to having "the entire first page covered with stickies".
"And so it begins..."
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