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misdirected baggage Feb 15, 12 8:25 pm

Originally Posted by Ari (Post 17980829)
The quantity of cataclysmicly stupid ideas expressed in this thread is astounding.

I agree with Ari. The TSA's job is not to enforce airline baggage policy - they're already whacking up the TSA fee to $5/segment and they're slow enough. The airlines love to blame bag restrictions on the TSA, but we all know that baggage policies originate with the airlines. It also isn't rocket science for GA's to monitor bags as PAX board and to reject oversized ones. If the airline values elites and 1st class PAX then they might be somewhat less restrictive for them. It's hard to believe some of the proposals (including more fees and regulation) in this thread come from frequent fliers. I flew almost 200k last year and witnessed a number of stupid bag episodes. But, so many stupid things happen on aircraft these days that silly bag events are, well...

Oh, and I apologize to the gentleman in 2B on the HNL->DEN flight whose lap I ended up in while trying to lift a (tiny, albeit heavy) carry-on into the overhead... small bag hoisted overhead by a bumbling lady (me).

LEONIDES Jul 20, 12 11:13 pm

DYNWIA thinks captain is a porter.
Rant on: :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:

On my flight tonight, some DYKWIA boarded next to last. Predictably, his bag was way too big to into the bins, which were already stuffed. The FAs told this guy he had to gate-check the bag. This was at the end of boarding, and were about to leave. The Captain was outside of the boarding, talking to the FAs, while this transpired.

So what did this DYKWIA do? He handed the bag to the captain....and told him to check it! What an incredibly rude a-hole!

The FAs took the oversize bag from the jerk, and gate-checked it for him. What a complete sphincter.

Seriously, folks......A captain is not a porter. Similarly, the porter who checks your bag at the curb? He doesn't fly the airplane. So take your bag to the porter - the real one - and check it. And don't give it to the airplane captain. He has much more important things to do - like fly the plane, and make sure we all get there safely.

Rant off. :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:

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