UDU chances from LAS?

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UDU chances from LAS?

I'll be flying UA from LAS-MDT this August and I was wondering if LAS is an elite heavy airport? I'm 1P with United (Platinum with Continental). Are my chances for a UDU good from LAS?
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It depends partially on where you are connecting (I couldn't find any LAS-MDT direct flights on ual.com), the plane, day, etc.

Trying checking for your itinerary here:
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If you pick a 757 to ORD, I'd say your chances are REALLY good. One of my coworkers is a Premier, and she is regularly upgraded on LAS-ORD-LAS. Sunday or Monday might hurt your chances, any other day of the week is probably pretty good outside of a major convention coming or going. About 6 months ago, the wife and I even flew into LAS on a Friday night and there were 2 empty seats in F on the 757. The upgrade list on the monitor had 3 people for 6 seats!

Although I'm a 1K, I've never missed an upgrade in/out of LAS. I think it is one of your easier upgrades if you can catch a 757.
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Thanks for the responses and for the link to UDUStats.

My full itinerary is LAS-IAD-MDT-ORD-LAS.

According to the website I have a 73% chance as a 1P LAS-IAD and a 82% chance as a 1P ORD-LAS. I like those odds

Is there a EUAStats website?
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Roll the dice!!

IAD has been hit or miss for me out of LAS. As others have said, depends on the day of the week and what is going on out in Vegas (conferences, etc.). I've had times then there has only been three of us in first and others where I'm back in economy and all first passangers have actually purchased seats in first.
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I fly ORD-LAS a few times a year and have only missed once. This was on a Sunday and on a 320. Go for a 757 and stay away from conventions and sundays as previously mentioned.
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What are flyers' experience on the A320 (12 F seats)?
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320 is really hit or miss. I have almost missed as 1K and had 1P coworkers miss on the same flight I got upgraded on and, now as a 1P myself, I have missed and even had companions upgraded with me at the 3 day window...

What really drives the upgrades, I think, it conventions in Vegas and the business travel that is associated with that... If you are flying into Vegas Friday night you are probably good on any flight you take (provided the late IAD flight is a 757).
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As a 1P UDUs are kind of hit or miss LAS-IAD-LAS. Last month I missed the UDU by quite a bit IAD-LAS. The trip back was confirmed at 72 hours. But I have also missed out on LAS-IAD at 6:30 Sunday morning (2P at the time).

Missed out on Sunday morning LAS-ORD the month before. DEN connections are usually upgraded.

It's really hit or miss. I've cleared at the gate once, but generally I either clear at the window or I'm not getting it, in either direction. My success rate isn't too bad. You at least have a chance. If I connect through LAX or SFO to get extra miles I know I will be doing it in Y.

I predict at least two of your segments RT will clear, and hopefully more.
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Flight in on Friday night and flights out on Sunday night are usually pretty good for upgrades, especially since they've got 757's in and out of there.

Edit: this is for LAS-SFO.
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I've flown in/out of LAS like 6 times and never missed an upgrade either way. One r/t was as 2P, the others as 1P. This is to/from SFO typically, one time on a CR7, and once to EWR on CO metal using my MP # (1P at the time). So my experience isn't extensive here but it seems like a very easy upgrade.
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never missed an upgrade even w/a companion. always have cleared at 100 hours. during e500s, i'd show up at the gate and once upgraded 5 of my friends (that was fun flght in F)
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I cleared at the 72 hour mark (if I remember correctly, could have been 48 hours) as a 1P on a Saturday night redeye LAS-ORD. I think it was an A320.
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UDU success!

My UDU cleared 72 hours out. I'm a 1P (status matched from Continental Platinum) on an A320 from LAS to IAD on the last flight out on Sunday at 2320. I heard the first row on the A320 really has no legroom so I was lucky to get a seat in row 3. Hopefully my UDU will clear ORD-LAS
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