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Zones are gone, Boarding by row starts 11 May

Zones are gone, Boarding by row starts 11 May

Old May 3, 11, 6:50 am
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No one from UA has officially checked in on this thread yet? Figures. Brilliant marketing there Jeffy!
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Old May 3, 11, 7:02 am
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Originally Posted by nova08 View Post
May I ask how this is a Big negative for 1K's? No where has it been stated that somehow you are losing 1st priority boarding (Military personel don't count because if you have issues with that you have far bigger problems). Even if Zone boarding goes away we are all still going to have our elite status' printed on the BP's just as CO and UA both do currently. I fail to see any reason why you still can't board First/GS/1K and so on with a non Zone boarding system.
It depends how elites board. If as it has been stated here,Boarding all elites together after military and F, then yeah it's a pretty big downgrade to have 1P and 2P added to the gate lice red carpet boarding scrum. It's stale as it is trying to fight short hop segment heavy overweight middle aged sales reps with their boarding passes sticking out of their shirt pockets who are 1K or GS or UDU into F and arrive on the red carpet for boarding 30 minutes+ before a flight.

Add all elites to that scrum and you for SURE are talking fighting half the plane to board on red carpet.
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Old May 3, 11, 7:02 am
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Originally Posted by double_black77 View Post
The method behind airline row numbers:
Sounds plausibly benefitial....
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Old May 3, 11, 7:04 am
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I just don't see the big deal here. I've flown several CO metal flights this year and quite frankly haven't noticed any major difference in my ability to get on the plane.

Besides, I'll reserve judgement when I experience this for myself rather than relying on some anonomyous poster.

There are just not that many military traveling in uniform on any given flight to worry about them going in front. On my four CO flights last week there was a grand total of zero.

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Old May 3, 11, 7:09 am
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As a long-time UA flier (15yrs using ORD) and relatively new CO flier (2+ yrs using EWR), I can say that the CO boarding process is much more inconsistent than UA. The gate agents appear to disregard parts of the process as they see fit.
I have had military board before elites and with elites.
I have also had gate agents disregard elites and go straight to row seating.
Last night I had an everyone board together at EWR for an on-time CO express flight.

The worst offenders to me are the MSP agents since the UA Express flights have started. It is my understanding that they are to generally follow UA boarding policies, excluding zone boarding, with boarding GS, 1K, etc.

I know I will get flamed for this, but I think some of the comments on this topic change prove what some say about UA 1K and GS fliers.
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It's always been nice, albeit infrequent, when CO boarded by elite status:

1. First class, Pres Plats, and uniformed military
2. Continental Plats
3. CO and Star Gold
4. CO Silver, and remaining *A elites
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Originally Posted by Critic View Post
45 posts. Just saying.

Like cerealmarketer says, let's see what SFOGate has to say about this before everyone hits the panic button.

For the record - I may not fly the sheer number of segments as some of the FTers here, but I do my fair share - and I've NEVER seen families w/children pre-board on CO. At most, I've seen CO agents pre-board wheelchair bound pax, but only those SO disabled that they'd slow boarding to a crawl. Otherwise...as a lowly Silver, I've boarded before any number of small children, elderly & disabled pax, and even a blind woman with an assistance dog.

FWIW, I suspect we'll see the current CO system retained - Military, F, Elites (by level on heavy flights), Y by rows - until CO can graft the zone boarding system onto SHARES, or until they develop something different.

Wow, I didn't know we were judged on this forum by how many posts we have. It's bad enough to play the status game in everyday life but on an internet forum??????
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Old May 3, 11, 7:28 am
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For those tht are so against CO boarding style, I'd like to see the UA style boarding try to load a fully loaded 753 in 20 minutes and see how it wrks out. Case in point I recently wrkd an EWR-PUJ flight and boarding took nearly 40 minutes. I'm glad the CO boarding stay, I feel the UA style is kinda rushed.
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Zones? Please! Only time have seen this speed up boarding (only to the wait @ gate for missing crew ) was using both forward and aft access.

Recall UA using zones 4-5 years ago on their shuttle flights out of LAX T8. Total disaster. Took over 30 min to board all on 737.

Bad move UA
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Old May 3, 11, 7:55 am
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My experience with other airlines and the children first has always been that it's not just a couple of people, it's a handfull of children who bring along mom, dad, the stroller, brother, grandmother, etc. I suppose it's going to slow the boarding process regardless of where they are, but it was nice (for a while) to just get on the plane across the red carpet without much delay.
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Originally Posted by Halo117 View Post
You are correct. there is a study.http://leeds-faculty.colorado.edu/va...g/boarding.htm

The thing is open seating which is not a part of the study is actually the fastest where as with any assigned seating there is no benefit over the methods is you are boarding a full plane.

Now I don't get why CO doesn't go by elite status, but saying that boarding by rows is outdated is a stretch. I'll chalk this up to UA folks thinking the sky is falling. For those of you who wanted the merger we all knew CO would be calling the shots.
Thanks for that link. Was trying to find it. Proves that UA has a better boarding system then CO. There were a few studies made after that one that improved even more on the Reverse-Pyramid method by skipping a few rows so the first ones to come in have more space to put they stuff on before other come.

FWIW, I think it's probably a limitation of CO's booking system than a conscious choice for a system mathematically proven to work worst than what the old UA had.
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Old May 3, 11, 8:51 am
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Yes, CO's boarding is inconsistent. But inconsistency also implies flexibility and more power to the GA (which can be good or bad). For example, on elite flights like IAH-EWR, they can board elites by plat, gold then silver. Instead of everybody in the same zone.
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Wonder if they keep the "board as a group" for companions.
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Originally Posted by rkkwan View Post
Yes, CO's boarding is inconsistent. But inconsistency also implies flexibility and more power to the GA (which can be good or bad). For example, on elite flights like IAH-EWR, they can board elites by plat, gold then silver. Instead of everybody in the same zone.
True, as long as people don't line up in anticipation of what they expect to happen next. Silvers lining up when they think silver and gold are going to go at the same time on elite heavy flights because "last time we boarded silver and gold at the same time, and you now want me to get out of line that I lined up for?!?!"

Flexibility is fine, but it leads to inconsistancy, which IMHO is the bane of airlines.

The Star alliance gereral site says *G gets priority boarding along with 1st and biz class. It doesn't say that about silver, about members of US armed forces, nor that they may or may not be lumped in with silver. It is tough to promote a seemless consistant product throughout a greater alliance when your policies differ from them, and differ from your own, depending on the flight. It is even worse when you are an elite of a foreign airline and do not understand English so well. You are used to a policy that is to be consistant across all * carriers, and may not understand the nuances of the modified programs of a single carrier in a foreign tongue. http://www.staralliance.com/en/benef...silver-status/

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Try to board with "EliteAccess" on any Monday morning/Thursday afternoon flight ex-EWR. With some 50+ on the upgrade list for a 737-500 with just over 100 Y seats, MORE THAN HALF of Y is trying to board at once. Not once have I seen a line form during this process either as every single elite/companion/Y-B rushes the gate as if there's only 3 people being called up. In order to get any chance at overhead space above row 7/21, unfortunately I HAVE to join in on this mob.

How management sees this as the optimum model with respect to efficiency, incremental revenue, and customer satisfaction when compared to the legacy United model simply baffles me. I kept assuring myself and other elites in line that "things will get better once they assess the situation and aligns to UA's model". Guess I was wrong.

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