Downgrading compensation - it's official!

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Originally Posted by SFOSpiff
I didn't say every misconnect, I said 1Ks. Maybe only 1Ks in First, then.

But I do apologize for tarnishing El Dorado with my presence.
Lol, no offense intended.
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The purpose of compensation is for the airline to make up when something goes wrong. It is both an apology and an incentive to induce future business while trying to retain the customer's loyalty. A broken IFE on a one hour flight is quite different than broken IFE on a transcon or TransPac. United should try and recognize this and still make customers satisfied at their apology. It is far easier to keep existing customers than to try and gain new ones.
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Originally Posted by SFOSpiff
I didn't say every misconnect, I said 1Ks. Maybe only 1Ks in First, then.

But I do apologize for tarnishing El Dorado with my presence.
Paid First? or upgraded to First?
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Lets face it. Someone probably did a six sigma project on compensation requests and costs during the merger discovery, then compared it to a similar project at CO and looked at the variances. Then they crafted a new policy. They probably are trying to get rid of skykits due to the fact that there are no controls in place for CS management, and that the issuance of compensation should be purely a customer service function.
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Originally Posted by edwards183
Then they crafted a new policy.
But, as with 95% of the rest of the "merger", the new policy is just CO's old policy.
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Originally Posted by SFOSpiff
I had a 1 hour delay on a CO flight (EWR-SFO) and felt they should have given us free DirecTV. (though maybe their planes can't do that, which probably means they don't trust the crew)
They can do this and policy says that they do make it free plane-wide after a certain amount of delay. I do not know what the threshold is but I suppose it is more than 1 hour based on your experience.
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Originally Posted by mahasamatman
But, as with 95% of the rest of the "merger", the new policy is just CO's old policy.
I don't like most of CO's old policy.

This merger sucks.
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Originally Posted by Boraxo
We can easily construct a proposal matrix for 1K voice, no, along these lines:

Flight Length >2 hours/2-5 hours/6+
Nature of Problem:
Flight Delay/Cancel
Broken Seat
Broken IFE
Broken light/charger
Meal issue
Service issue

I would think UA has this already but it sounds like nobody has really given an y thought to what would make sense or be appropriate.
I agree that this would make compensation a more subjective thing and that sounds like a huge improvement. The problem is that people react differently to different issues. Personally, a broken reading light would be a disaster unless I'm sitting by the window on a day flight, but broken overhead IFE would be a blessing. So compensation does need to be put into perspective, and that perspective is something which only the complainant can provide.

Having said that, I am a 1K and have been for 3 years now and I have never received any compensation from UA for anything (they did put me up for one night going PVD-IAD-PIT because I would have missed the IAD connection, despite protestations that a taxi from IAD might have been cheaper!), so I'm guessing this policy is not going to affect me very much.
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Originally Posted by kb1992
I don't like most of CO's old policy.

This merger sucks.
All of this is very predictable. This is what comes next... any issues that they have are somehow really OUR fault.

And yes...the best is yet to come.
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CO merger.. hopefully it doesn't eliminate too many flights with UA.. sure do like the choices and more flight availability.

Personally, I think delays shouldn't be compensated unless they are significant delays that causes 1) passengers to stay at a hotel overnight 2) if missed connections, have it rebooked to the satisfaction of the customer 3) a few meal tickets 4) additional compensation if warranted based on each special case.

Downgrade compensation should be 2 or 3 times the value of the difference, and optional imo.
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I only send in complaints due to misconnect and having to overnight it. Which has been 3 times in the past 3 years. Otherwise I don't even waste my time lol. I'm guessing there are quite a few guys looking for anything to write about on every one of their flights.

BTW I had my DirectTv not work last month after paying...but they refunded the charge after an email. Also my seat had a broken armrest but I didn't even think about sending in an email. Even though I was in an aisle seat. So I can see how people could essentially game the system with every little minute problem.
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Originally Posted by BaltimoreZ71
I am curious if this change is related to the new IDB amounts that were recently imposed by the government ($650/$1300). Maybe they are trying to offset future losses there by cutting back on other compensation?
I doubt that completely. For various reasons.

Originally Posted by UA-NYC
500 points (offered to my flight 2 months ago for a 3 hour delay) is the new normal for CO. As I've said before, since airlines typically value miles at $.01 per, CO is saying your time wasted on MX delays is worth between $1.25-$1.35/hour. Classy.
If I got 500 mi in "compensation", I would send in a complaint about it. Its almost as bad as the snark the UA "customer service" people have been sending out in their emails lately.

Originally Posted by emanon256
Thats DL. If you are Diamond, you get miles and a free drink and snack. If you are gold, you get a free drink or snack.
I don't like DL generally, but that is a great policy.

Originally Posted by goodeats21
Really not understanding the big financial windfall for United by killing off the ecerts for crappy service.

Wasn't too long ago that they were giving away 10% e-certs like crazy for the Optathon game.

A classic byproduct of merger....multiple personality disorder?

Why tick off your customers? Marketing.
I totally forgot about Optathon. It goes to show that certs don't hurt the bottom line much at all.

Also, there is basically no windfall, especially considering the amount of breakage. Just a bunch of pissed off high level elites.

Originally Posted by goalie
Regardless how many miles flown or how much one spends, CO's 500 mile or $25 compensation is a total joke
Absolutely. I think UA's GM minimum is/was $75.

Originally Posted by Karter
I wrote in about a broken overhead light and non-reclining seat in domestic F (upgraded by CR-1). I was told that they would not compensate me this time because of already being compensated for similar issues in the past.

I felt ashamed of myself for writing in at all, but when I'm used to getting $200 or so for such problems, why wouldn't I write in?
You have got to be kidding me. Unless its a night flight, I don't see that as a reason to compensate (by email anyway), but a non-reclining seat that should recline should ALWAYS be compensated. Especially in F. Anyway, this is what skykits are for. The FAs verify the break and CS doesn't have to "apologize."

Originally Posted by emanon256
Shame on them for not fixing these issues!

How it reads to me:

You: Your Plane is broken and caused me inconvenience.
UA: Have $200

You: Your plane is still broken and caused further inconvenience.
UA: We already gave you something, so shut up.
Yeah, its totally rich.

Originally Posted by fastair
Using a premium service that people pay for to get away from the crowds and to avoid the lines of misconnected customers is a bad form of compensation for those who have paid for that service. If every misconnected was let into the rcc, those that have paid for use of the rcc would have a pretty low caliber experience, fighting for space and service with the hundreds of disgruntled misconnected non-members.
Oh come on Fasty, didn't you read the OP's whole comment? They are a 1K who ended up with a pretty lengthy misconnect. Its not as if they are some GM on their once a year trip to Disney. An RCC pass is appropriate.
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Compensation for a GM is $50. Had a friend get an e-cert at the end of Jan. She had no status and it was for $50.
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Originally Posted by weirdlyndon
Compensation for a GM is $50. Had a friend get an e-cert at the end of Jan. She had no status and it was for $50.
And 2P now gets $75 (as I learned last week) proving that 2P is indeed the new GM
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This thread "Downgrading compensation - it's official!" has not been my experience in the last few months. Also when I read the thread on compensation, it would seem that the compensation levels have not been donwgraded.
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